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Photography Links By Toad Hollow – Yes, They're Back Again

Toad Hollow Photography has been at it once again, searching all over for great links to share here with everyone.

photography links
Image by Myriams-Fotos

This week's list covers a wide range of interests in the field of photography and includes links to:

  • Tutorials,
  • Reviews,
  • Special features, and as always,
  • Great photography.

We really hope you enjoy checking out these links and photographs as much as the Toad did in bringing this week's list to you.


The Best Guide On How To Take Pictures Of Mist And Fog – Jason Row shares some terrific tips and tricks for photographing scenes in misty or foggy circumstances.  The feel of shots that take advantage of these natural conditions can be quite wonderful, and knowing how to take pictures that pop can help you achieve that look you are striving for.

Box Repsol
Box Repsol

Tips For Softening Your On-Camera Flash – on-camera flashes can be harsh sources of light, but is always better than nothing.  Being able to manage the quality of the light is paramount to getting a great photograph, and this brief 2-minute video tutorial shows you some fabulous ways to improve the quality.

Lightbulb Moments – Bright Ideas for Budget Lighting – the brightest ideas don’t necessarily have to break the bank, as we find outlined here in this great primer article that shows you how to produce lighting for a shoot on a restricted budget.  Several concepts are covered here, giving you a few approaches to bringing more light into your world.

Use wide shots and extreme close-ups to enhance the mood and drama of a scene – this post features a pair of videos that show you how both ultra wide shots and extreme close-ups can produce very dramatic scenes.  Some of the images are disturbing as they originate from the work of famous direction David Fincher, but they are highly illustrative of how you can create drama by utilizing these compositional techniques.

How to Do an Easy Sky Replacement in Adobe Photoshop – a brief video tutorial is shared here that shows you easy and quick steps to take to replace a sky in a landscape shot with a more preferable one.  This presentation shows you how easy certain processes are when you use Photoshop, and the end result shows you how seamless the finished product looks.


DJI Mavic Pro Reviews Are Flying In – with the increasing interest in drones as flying camera platforms, new models and advancements are coming at us at lightning speed.  This great pair of reviews covers the brand new offering from DJI, the Mavic Pro, including in-flight demo’s and sample footage and photographs to show you just how powerful these cameras are.



The Winning Shots From This Action Photography Contest Will Leave You In Awe – if you are looking for a set of photographs to view that embody the concept of action, look no further than the results from this Red Bull contest.  Focused on action and adventure, this annual contest sees thousands of submissions of this genre, and here we find the best of the best.

Ça C'est Culte.com
Ça C'est Culte.com

Essential Software for Photographers: The Ultimate List (50+ Tools) – a very comprehensive list of software applications that can help you manage your life in the world of photography.  This all-inclusive list includes links and write-ups on the applications from 8 different categories.

Street Photographer Captures Mexico's Complexity Over 30 Years – an incredible photo essay is created and shared in this post, featuring the work of a photographer who visited Mexico frequently over a 30 year period.  The shots he has captured during his work show us how perspective can change a photo, drawing you into a scene where you struggle to fully understand the story being told within the frame.

Annual ‘Black Sun' in Denmark: Clouds of starlings make stunning aerial shapes – in yet another example of how amazing nature can truly be, check out these photos and a short video clip that shows starlings making incredible shapes in the sky as they flock.  This phenomenon is a result of a natural instinct to protect the group from predators and makes for some pretty surreal sights in the sky.

Rust On The Boardwalk – one of the last things you’d expect to see while wandering the boardwalks of Telegraph Cove would be an old rusty truck parked on the wood slats.  Surprise, there it is!  This post features a set of photographs my wife and I took on our recent adventures to the northern tip of Vancouver Island, and for those who love all that is rusty and delicious, this is a post you will definitely enjoy.


Leaning – I simply love how time and weather can affect a building, creating natural patina and wear that is only producible through the process of decay.  This terrific shot comes to us from Len Saltiel, and it features an old schoolhouse built in the late 1800’s that looks as if it is about to fall down, yet somehow it has weathered the winters fine even in its current state.

Renaud Camus

Look at me – Stefano Ronchi does it again, as he captures and shares a stunning portrait of an owl mid-flight.  In this composition, we find the beautiful bird flying straight into the camera, revealing its spirit and personality within the context of a frame.

SGang Gwaay IV – once again local photographer Ehpem delivers a stunning shot captured in the region of Gwaii Haanas on the western edge of Canada.  The years of wet weather have taken their toll on the wood structures, and Ehpem uses this to create wonderful natural leading lines that guide you into the picture and outward where the great expanse of ocean awaits.

Capital of the world – Yasin Osman captures a stunning nighttime shot of the New York skyline, using one of the bridges as a leading line into the frame.  Wonderful details find harmony with the overall hues brought out in post-production, creating a piece that draws you in on a visual journey.

Bury Church St John the Evangelist – Barry Turner shares a shot featuring the spire of a church that has been in this spot for many hundreds of years as history passes it by on it’s relentless march.  A brooding sky lingers overhead for added drama, adding the perfect touch to complete this terrific composition.

View from Notre-Dame! – a gargoyle statue perched atop the Notre-Dame creates a perfect anchor in this shot that looks out over the city of Paris far below.  Serge Ramelli’s focus on warm colors and tones in post-production adds a certain feel to the shot that is totally sympathetic to the subject explored within the frame.

breathless before sunrise – a gentle fog and a crisp reflection create wonderful features in this landscape shot from Frank King.  Beautiful colors in the sky find perfect harmony with the fallen tree that dominates the foreground in this breathtaking shot, taking us immediately to a peaceful place in the heart of Alberta.


Old Fushimi Inari – repeating patterns lead the viewer into this image where a terrific vanishing point awaits.  PAkDocK @PAkDocK’s shot features great red colors in the Torii gates at Fushimi Inari, creating perfect accent points that work flawlessly with the concept and the overall composition used to capture this piece.

Baranof Brown Bear – Ron Niebrugge captures and shares a wonderful shot of a brown bear who looks like is posing like a true ham for the camera.  This terrific portrait reveals a look into the spirit and personality of these incredible creatures.

Fog & Clouds – fog lends a perfect moody and ethereal feel to landscape shots, as is perfectly exemplified in this photograph from the studio of Kilian Schönberger.  As the low-lying mist drapes itself over the raw landscape, jagged mountains peer above the horizon in the backdrop for an added element of interest.

The American Bald Eagle – Wayne Beauregard photographs a Bald Eagle up close as it screams out with it’s piercing shriek that can almost be heard just by looking at this shot.  Wonderful details are exposed with this tight shot, showing the raw drama and beauty that these incredible birds exude.

Beauty … – an extremely shallow depth-of-focus dominates this shot as we explore the vivid colors and beauty found nature in this gorgeous picture from MuratEmreCan.  The blue hues draw you into the picture where tiny droplets of water perched on the petals of the flower create a dash of artistic tension.

De hoop – this infrared study finds us enjoying a scene with a windmill originally built in 1735 as the dominant subject.  Sus Bogaerts’ shot uses the spectrum in the infrared to accent and draw your eye into specific features of interest in this shot, creating an almost otherworldly feel.


Blue lake and rocky shore… – Sherry Galey shares a wonderful landscape shot in this post, featuring a shoreline that creates a natural leading line to guide you into the photograph and out towards the waiting waters.  Gorgeous colors in the sky create the perfect finishing touch for this shot.

Spirit Island II – this world-famous island is tiny, yet it is also world-renown for its inherent beauty as it sits on Maligne Lake in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Michele Marrucci captures this wonder as it sits amongst the tall mountains on a clear sunny day, creating an inviting feel in the shot that beckons the viewer to visit in person.

Jayanta Debnath
Jayanta Debnath

Jones Point Lighthouse – we all have preconceived notions of what a lighthouse looks like, usually involving a tower painted red in some form or other.  This great pair of shots from Mark Summerfield shows a lighthouse that is different, with a light mounted atop a rectangular building that was operational from 1856 to 1926.

Road of sunlight2 – Junichi Hakoyama’s shot features incredible artistic tension in the silhouette of the person walking along the strip of light away from the camera.  The black-and-white processing used to create this piece adds to the sensation, creating a strong image sure to be enjoyed by all.

Bison Against Storm Clouds, South Dakota – Mark Paulson captures a great shot of a bison grazing in the fields under a cloak of stormy clouds hanging far above overhead.  The context of the land around this incredible creature shares an intimate view of it, creating a picture that leaves you feeling as if you were a lone soul observing it in nature.


The mossy railway – so many questions linger in this shot as we explore a train track that is totally covered in thick, green moss.  Hanson Mao(毛延延) delivers a delicious image here full of vibrant greens that perfectly accent the natural tension within the scene.

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