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Image by Andrew Swinfield

With such a low barrier of entry to get involved in photography these days we find that there are countless sources of great articles and images out there for people who love the practice.  Sorting through all these various posts can be a daunting task for many.

In this week's list, we find that Toad Hollow Photography has done the heavy lifting for us, finding links to interesting tutorials, reviews, special features and great photography to enjoy.

We really hope you love this list of links as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you, grab a cup of coffee and dive in!


Stock Photography – 6 Cool Techniques You May Not Know – learn from the best in this detailed post hosted right here on Light Stalking that talks about how to become successful in the stock photography world.  These tips come straight from the source and will give you a great foundation on how best to proceed to earn an income from your images.

Théo Paul
Théo Paul

Automotive Light Painting Editing Process and BT – light painting and compositing is an artform all its own that requires foresight and planning to ensure you’ve got the exposures you need to complete the final shot.  This video tutorial is just over 13 minutes in length and takes us quickly through the entire process, giving you a good idea of how to try this on your own.

The Phoblographer Answers: What is Flash Duration? – the concept of flash duration is briefly discussed in this article, shedding some light on a topic that is difficult to understand for many.  Terrific sample images are added to this article, including one that was shot with a 3 second shutter speed yet still exhibited a crystal-clear splash of water as it hit the glass.

Using Natural Framing to Guide the Viewer’s Eye – framing can be a powerful element in composition, as discussed and illustrated in this great article that covers the topic.  Wonderful photographs are included here to help you visualize the concepts being shared, adding a great element to this tutorial.

driver Photographer
driver Photographer

How I Shot These Etherial Portraits With A Lensbaby – here we take a good in-depth look at the specific lighting and techniques used to create a very specialized ethereal looking portrait.  The results are stunning, combining out-of-focus regions with incredible clear details in the face, converging to create a picture with an overall feel unlike any other.

A guide to nailing focus and depth of field – managing focus and depth-of-field is often an area of confusion for those trying to take control over their photography.  This tutorial includes a 5-minute video segment along with some screen shots that provide diagrams on how these things all work together, removing a bit of the mystery behind it all for those interested.


Best Drones Reviewed in 2016 – The Ultimate Drone Buying Guide – with drones becoming increasingly popular in the photography space (we are working towards our commercial drone license here in Canada ourselves) we have a super-wide range of choices to go through to decide where to start.  This in-depth review article covers a wide variety of options in this field, giving you the information you need to get your camera into the sky.


Watch: an 8K timelapse showing Grand Teton park in all its glory – see the Grand Teton’s from a fresh perspective in this amazing video presentation that shows us this incredible place in a time-compressed format.  Over a month was spent in the park capturing all this footage, which in turn was distilled down into just over 3 minutes of video that reveals the different aspects of the region over time.

Behind the Scenes on Photographer Ray Demski’s Latest Personal Project, ‘Fireball’ – check out this amazing video feature that brings extreme athletics together with a beatbox specialist to create something simply astounding.  A brief behind-the-scenes video accompanies the main feature, giving you a quick look at what goes into a production like this.

Wedding Photographer Takes Gorgeous Video Using Drone – drones are being used in exciting and creative ways now that they are becoming more mainstream in the world of photography.  This wonderful video is just over 3 minutes in length and reveals a whole new perspective of a wedding in a way that is breathtaking and beautiful.  A real must-see.

Photos: These wildlife photography winners will put a smile on your face – if you are looking for a little “pick me up” today, look no further than the pictures in this post.  It’s marvellous how sometimes animals can be so comedic when captured in candid situations.  Prepare to laugh out loud.


Glow in the Dark – this wonderful photograph depicts a very special scene that features a Buddhist Shrine in the blue hour.  Korawee Ratchapakdee’s shot takes us to this far-away place in a frame as we also see and enjoy followers who are lighting candles in front of the facility to celebrate their love and appreciation of the life they choose.

Susanne Nilsson
Susanne Nilsson

Photographer Snaps Streaking Meteor Above an Erupting Volcano – it has been said often that timing is everything.  This shot is a wonderful representation of this notion as photographer Tomas van der Weijden was photographing an active volcano at the precise moment a meteor streaked overhead to add a perfect element to the picture.

The Philosophy of Absolutely Nothing – over the years I have found that sometimes a great photograph can take on a whole new meaning when taken in context with the prose that artists will include to describe their imagery.  Timothy Poulton does a great job in this as he shares a stunning landscape photograph that uses a wooden walking path to lead the viewer into the frame where an incredible waterfall lives, and he frames this with his thoughts on creating a personal style.

SGang Gwaay IX – the northwest region of North America is rich in lumber resources, and this material has been used for thousands of years to build structures that are strong, but have a limited lifespan.  This shot comes to us from Ehpem, a Vancouver Island based photographer who explores the most incredible areas in this region, and in this shot, we see the remains of an old house at the UNESCO World Heritage Site SGang Gwaay.

Monsoon Shelter – Mark Metternich’s shot uses a natural rounded formation to create the perfect frame to the outside world where a dramatic storm rages across the landscape.  As we explore the frame in detail, we find a terrific bolt of lightning zapping the ground below, adding a perfect element of tension to the picture.

Selsey Life Boat Station – Barry Turner captures a stunning shot taken late in the evening just before the last light of day disappears, featuring a life boat station that is about to be torn down.  The long exposure used to grab this picture turns the water into a silky surface, adding a wonderful feel to this compelling photograph.

The Mont Saint michel Normandy France – join Antonio GAUDENCIO Photographer as we visit old-world France by visually exploring a historic building as it sits lit at night.  Incredible details come to life in this amazing architectural study, showcasing the beauty of design as it was conceived hundreds upon hundreds of years ago.

the wonder of flowing water – Frank King shares a terrific shot of the world famous Niagara Falls taken from the Canadian side.  This high contrast piece features great color in the sky and a strong sense of dynamic motion in the powerful falls.

Nguyễn Việt Linh
Nguyễn Việt Linh

Eighth Wonder – a lush green forest envelops this landscape scene that finds us enjoying a moment of serenity as a waterfall caresses the scene in the distance in this gorgeous shot from Destin Sparks.  The rich green hues that dominate this picture add a perfect look and feel to this spot, leaving you feeling as if you were the only inhabitant on a planet dominated by peace and solitude.

Pemaquid Sunrise – Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Bristol, Maine – gorgeous early morning light dances across the face of this very romantic looking lighthouse on the east coast of the United States.  The warm hues from the morning light work perfectly with the shape of the structure, which is perfectly finished off by the wonderful sky created by the sunrise.

Muse in the Light – the Antelope Canyons are often photographed, and for good reason too, as they create natural abstracts that play with light and color from the lines and shapes created by the naturally formed rock that comprises the feature.  In this shot, Lara Koo uses these elements to her distinct advantage as a ray of light passes into the scene from above, creating an artificial apparition that adds a wonderful feature to the picture.

Montecruz Foto
Montecruz Foto

Reliable Reelfoot – a long exposure turns the waters of the lake into a gently textured surface in this moody photograph by Jim Denham.  Jim takes a chance to capture this piece as he travels quite the distance with the hopes conditions are right, and this shot is proof that indeed they were.

Endlessly spinning – Keith Mokris uses a spiral staircase to create an architectural abstract image in this terrific photograph that leads the viewer into the picture and through a vanishing point far below.  Keith’s use of cinematic filtering in post-production adds a great sense of drama to this shot the benefits greatly from this specific treatment.

Manarola twilight – Jim Nix explores the gorgeous Italian coastline in this piece that focuses on the tiny community of Manarola just before the sun sets.  The wonderful colors in the old homes that climb the rugged hills creates a strong sense of artistic tension as you visually explore the frame taking in the finer details.

Tribune – majestic architectural features reach for the skies in this stunning cityscape shot from the studio of trashhand.  The old building in the foreground shows off great detail in the craftsmanship used to design and build it, as contemporary architecture goes on seemingly forever as you follow through the frame.

manhhai - The battle for Saigon 1968 - Photo by Philip Jones Griffiths
manhhai – The battle for Saigon 1968 – Photo by Philip Jones Griffiths

Walker plus one – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) is a master in composition when it comes to capturing amazing reflections in various surfaces that would often be overlooked by most people.  This black-and-white features a person walking down a street with their reflection caught in a building's mirrored surface that creates amazing textures and ripples that adds so much interest to the image.

Jewel of the Cyclades – the wonderful light from the blue hour graces the very old buildings in this community in Greece, as it overlooks the bluff with a gorgeous sunset in the distance to add a dash of color to the sky.  Elia Locardi’s uses the light emitted from the buildings to add spots of interest to this picture, leading you into the photograph on a self-guided journey of discovery.

Alpenglow Lafayette – Bob Lussier captures a stunning landscape shot that showcases the majestic beauty of rolling mountains with a light dusting of snow.  A wonderful purple hue of light covers the top half of the frame, and beautiful blue light drapes the bottom portion, adding a perfect element to the image.

Glasswinged butterfly (Greta oto) – a delicate butterfly sits perched atop a green leaf, exhibiting what looks to be semi-translucent wings that allow some light to pass through them.  Rian Krenzer’s uses a razor sharp depth of focus to highlight the tiny creature, isolating it perfectly from it’s colorful backdrop.

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