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Another exciting week passes us by in the world of photography, and here we find that Toad Hollow Photography has been looking in all corners of the internet for links to tutorials, special features and great photography to share with everyone.

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Image by Jonny Lindner

This week's collection features a wide variety of subjects and pictures, so grab a fresh cup of coffee and pull up a chair as we take a look at some of the best the industry has to offer.


How to Do HDR Photography – Gear and Process – HDR photography is a controversial technique that is used in the field of photography to overcome dynamic range limitations created in-camera by our modern sensors.  Some photographers love this technique and other have nothing but disdain for it, but you can’t argue that the results created by subtly created HDR shots do stand out.  Look no further than here on Light Stalking for a great primer on how to dive into this exciting field of photography by checking out this terrific short article.


How to use a stabilizing gimbal like a boss – it’s incredible what can be packed into just over 5 minutes in terms of video tutorials, and this one in particular is a great example.  Video is becoming a more and more dominant media source for our visual projects, with applications in the amateur realm as well as the professional.  A gimbal is a critical piece of equipment to use to create shake-free video, and this brief tutorial gives some excellent tips and tricks on how to use it to it’s fullest potential.

5 Inspirational Still Life Images and How to Make Your Own – this in-depth guide takes us through the key steps and concepts involved in taking fabulous still life shots.  You don’t necessarily need a truck full of expensive gear to achieve the look you are after, and in may cases items can be conceived and fashioned at home or in your studio using bits and pieces that may already be there.  Sample shots are included in this post, giving you an idea of how all the elements discussed can come together in a perfect image.

Quick Tip: How to Get Four Different Looks with One Photo Umbrella – umbrellas are a true “must-have” item in your kit in terms of light modifiers as they are usually inexpensive, light, easy to mount and extremely versatile.  This 3 minute tutorial shows us 4 different ways of using a standard umbrella to create unique looks that cover all aspects of portraiture.

Photoshop in 60 Seconds: How to Smooth Skin – in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee you can learn about a few key techniques used to smooth out skin textures in Photoshop.  Even though this video segment is short in time, it’s extensive in terms of the basic concepts that can give you some great ideas on how you can dig further into learning with your own work.

Visit Lakeland
Visit Lakeland

3 Reasons Why You Should Own the Westcott 7-Foot Umbrella – there are a countless number of light modifiers out there, each with it’s own set of pros and cons.  This short article tells us why this particular umbrella modifier is an excellent addition to your toolkit, and includes a set of great sample shots.

Cat Photography: How To Take Street Cats Photos – ahh, cats, both the wonder and the bane of the internet, who here hasn’t spent some time in the past looking at pictures and videos of cats online?  This brief primer gives a few crucial tips and tricks for photographing these fast moving, mysterious creatures, particularly if you are looking to capture some of their distinctive personality in a frame.


Documenting the Toxic Remains of an Abandoned WWII Base in Greenland – photography projects can be a very powerful medium to use to convey a specific message in a series of frames.  This project covers an abandoned WWII base in Greenland, and the after-effects of years of rust and weathering on the remains juxtaposed against a relentless and rugged landscape.

Alfred Crabtree
Alfred Crabtree

Through time: Photographer revisits spots of historic Stalingrad battle pictures – this powerful feature shares a series of archived photographs with overlays from today, creating dramatic images that show the viewer how history transforms a place.  Some of the shots use soldiers from the original photos almost ghosted into the contemporary portions of the frame to create a really strong sense of gestalt, pulling you into two distinct times of history at the same time.

“Frozen” Waves Turned an Ordinary Beach Into a Dreamscape – sometimes we find that natural occurring events are rare in nature, and that images captured of these events have staying power in terms of interest over time.  This feature showcases a set of photos captured of waves crashing upon the shore as they are near their freezing point, creating abstract forms and shapes that are absolutely captivating.


Shipwreck – abandoned ships lying forgotten on the shores are a subject that can be hard to resist in terms of photography, often creating haunting and mesmerizing scenes that leave the viewer full of unanswered questions that can only be found in the artistic tension discovered at these locations.  This shot from Vassilis Tangoulis was taken in Greece using a long exposure technique, bridging the world of the forgotten and the mortal in the context of a fine art frame.

Don Miller
Don Miller

Steeler Nation – Brad Truxell shares a stunning shot of the stadium where a Pittsburgh Steelers football game was underway, capturing this shot from a bit of a distance and from an elevated perspective.  This added context makes this shot stand out, revealing the true scale of this venue.

From Heaven to Earth – the landscapes of Norway are second-to-none in their unique beauty, expressing the spirit and feel of the region in a photograph that can only be found here.  Ole Henrik Skjelstad captures this breathtaking shot of the great outdoors in the region, balancing the beauty of the universe as it spins overhead against the striking scenery that sits below under a blanket of stars.

the music of night lights – Frank King shares a breathtaking shot of the city of Vancouver taken in the evening, revealing the dramatic architecture of the city along with the reflections of color that stream over the waters in the foreground.  This terrific photograph makes the city stand out and creates a strong and inviting picture that shows us why this city is considered special on the global stage.

Mark Lehmkuhler
Mark Lehmkuhler

Como Lake – this haunting and ethereal piece comes to us from photographer panagiotis laoudikos who uses strong contrasts to evoke a feeling of mystery.  The long exposure used to capture this lake scene, along with the predominant palette of blue tones, converge in this shot to take advantage of the natural elements to complete this exposure.

St. Petersburg, Russia – a highly stylized and artistic rendition of the city’s architecture is shared in this wonderful shot from Barbara Youngleson.  Barbara completes the piece with a texture overlay that is very sympathetic to the subject, adding a terrific feel.

In Line – Harry Eggens shares a stunning portrait of a mother Polar Bear with 2 cubs following along behind in a rather stark snow-covered landscape.  Harry uses a crack in the ice in the backdrop as a perfect leading line, guiding the viewer into the heart of the picture where these amazing creatures come to life for a moment, forever captured in an image.

frederic gombert
frederic gombert

Maligne Wonder – the title of this shot speaks perfectly to the majestic beauty it expresses in this gorgeous photograph from Len Saltiel.  The Canadian Rockies are world-famous for their incredible scale and rugged mountains, and this shot takes advantage of Spirit Island as it sits quietly on Maligne Lake, as it has done for countless millennia before.

Autumn in Bosnia – beautiful autumn colors flank a gentle stream in this shot captured in the heart of Europe late in the season.  Mevludin Sejmenovic uses the water feature as a leading line where the viewer can follow it’s path into the distance where a lovely little waterfall dances under a small footbridge.

Snow on the Castle– Michael Criswell proves yet once again that nature is the most amazing artist out there in terms of creations that are noteworthy and perfect as a photography subject.  This panoramic piece takes us into the mountains where the foreground is covered in color as the leaves of autumn go through their annual change, and in the backdrop we see majestic mountains with an interesting natural feature for those who spend time looking for it.

Official U.S. Navy Page
Official U.S. Navy Page

Autumn at Hogwarts – Daniel Casson captures a lovely shot of a steam locomotive as it crosses a very old stone bridge.  This shot does a fabulous job of capturing a fleeting glimpse of the character and romance found in steam travel, instantly taking the viewer back many years and into a simpler time.

Good Morning Parksville – the community of Parksville/Qualicum Beach is a true destination here on Vancouver Island featuring scenery and attractions that are sure to be enjoyed by everyone.  This shot comes to us from local photographer Randy Hall who captures some of the dramatic architecture that sits on the shore of the ocean with an incredible backdrop of rugged snow-capped mountains in the background.

Frost – an incredibly still day showcases the natural beauty of this landscape shot, featuring rugged mountains and a mirror-like body of water casting amazing reflections back towards the viewer.  This shot from guerel sahin finds us enjoying the solitude of a frozen spot, removing all semblance of people from the world inside the boundaries of a composition.


I am safe at my home! – you simply cannot beat the wonderful character that is found in animal portraits, especially candid ones captured in their natural habitats.  Sajid Abdullah finds a thoughtful little owl in it’s tree as it stares back intently at the camera, revealing a little of it’s personality.

Reiner Girsch
Reiner Girsch

The Mississippi Begins In Minnesota – Mark Garbowski visits Minneapolis and comes away with this dramatic shot that uses a large bridge as a frame into the backdrop where the city sits.  Deep contrasts in this shot add to the sense of depth, revealing a glimpse of the city that stands out.

Lake Night – Ole Henrik Skjelstad creates a stunning panoramic shot in this piece, capturing the vibrant colors of the Aurora Borealis as they streak overhead casting a green glow on the incredible landscape below.  This frame features a wood cabin sitting on the shores of a still lake, casting reflections back into the picture for an added dimension to the overall composition.

Vermont Village – Steven Perlmutter shares a great shot that has a distinct old feeling to it, using an old roadway as a leading line into a fog-ensconced scene with an old white church in the distance.  The addition of the fog adds a perfect element to the setting, enhancing the sense the viewer has of stepping back in time.

Another Round – this shot comes to us from Romina Kutlesa, featuring an upward look at a staircase that creates a strong illusion of the abstract from architecture.  Terrific lines and patterns guide the viewer into the frame, where a perfect vanishing point awaits those who take the time to explore the picture.

On the South Downs Way – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) captures a landscape scene that reveals layer upon layer as you follow it into the distance.  Light and shadow play with each other in this composition, highlighting the depth as you look out onto a never ending patchwork scene.

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