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This week's list is full of photography links to useful tutorials, special features and great photography, with something here for everyone. We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this week's list to you.

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Image by Jon Flobrant

Right, less talking and more enjoyment.

Tutorials for Photographers

What Makes You Think You Really Need a Photographic Education? – the topic of education within the field of photography is one that is often discussed and seldom agreed upon by those who engage in these conversations.  Photography is one of those things that is equal part artistic and equal part scientific, and only through the combination of both of these elements do we find success.  This is one of the best-written articles on this topic and is sure to leave you inspired to find your own path on the journey to personal excellence.

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Christian Reimer

Here Is What to Look For When You Buy Photography Lenses – this is, without a doubt, one of the most in-depth articles I have encountered on the technical aspects of lens design, and the impact that design has on finished images.  There is a lot of low-level technical knowledge shared here, but no matter what your level of interest you are sure to come away with a stronger understanding of how a lens works.

Lighting Basics: How to Light Portraits with an Octabank – octabanks are becoming increasingly popular in the field of photography as they produce a different light from umbrellas and standard softboxes that appeals to many photographers and their clients.  This great article covers this topic in good detail, and includes some great sample shots to highlight the core concepts.

Rigid vs Collapsible: Comparing Two Types of Beauty Dishes – two types of beauty dishes are discussed and compared in this article, which also includes test photographs which help you visualize the key differences.  For many who shoot portraits, a beauty dish is a must-have tool in your toolkit, but transporting them can be tricky so having a good option can be very important.

photography links

3 Simple Steps to Taking a Great Photo – great photography comes in many shapes and sizes, but what is common across all great shots is a strong story.  This is true whether the story is found or manufactured, each type of image can deliver a feeling in the context of a frame.  Finding the right ingredients comes with foresight and practice.

Mastering Architectural Photography I – Essential Gear Needed – this is a well thought-out primer article on lens selection in the field of architectural photography.  This genre of photography comes with its own set of challenges in terms of capturing and creating great images, and it all starts with lens selection.  This is a great list to consider to get started.

Tips For Mouth-Watering Food Photos – just like the architectural photography discussed in the above link, food photography is a craft all its own.  This primer article is full of great tips and tricks for lighting and composition that are easy to digest, if you will pardon the obvious pun, resulting in food photography that stands above the crowd.

Photography Special Features

This is the World’s First Underwater Portrait, Taken in 1899 – make no mistake, this is awesome.  Pioneered in 1893, and then augmented by a custom creation of an underwater flash device, the images shared in this presentation are incredible, especially when considered in the context of when they were captured.

Patrick Rochon Lightpaints the New Infiniti Q30 – you have got to love innovation and creation in the field of imagery, and this post most certainly does not disappoint to this end.  Check out the interesting technique that was applied to this shoot, and the resulting shots that are simply incredible.  What a great way to feature this new model car.

photography links

I Photographed My Wife as the Viking Shieldmaiden Lagertha – as a huge fan of the show Vikings myself, the title of this article was enough to draw me straight in.  If you like this type of imagery, you are going to be absolutely amazed at the planning and execution that went into this photoshoot, and the images that seem to come out of history itself.  What a terrific nod to an interesting time and a great TV show.

Nos deux regards au Louvre | Nos deux regards – I love these features from Paris based photographers Mathias Lucas and Anne-Laure who visit a location and then share their photographic creations in complementary posts.  This allows us, the viewer, the see these places through the lens of two different creatives, giving a wider perspective and a deeper understanding of what makes these sites so unique and special.

Great Photography Links

Sunset drifting – join the Red Bull Photography team in South Africa as they share a stunning shot of a car drifting as it races through a set of turns in a plume of tire smoke.  A gorgeous sunset in the backdrop adds a perfect finishing element to this shot.

photography links
Jim Bauer

Cheetah – Wayne Beauregard shares a wonderful portrait of two Cheetahs relaxing in their habitat, revealing a look into their spirits and personalities.  These beautiful cats are not to be trifled with, yet their inherent beauty as creatures leaves nothing to be desired.

Over the lighthouse – Daniel Casson shares a terrific overhead shot of a lighthouse, presumably captured using a photography drone.  The beautiful sunset captured in this photograph creates the perfect feel to compliment the romantic nature of the lighthouse as it overlooks the ocean.

Classic Banff – Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta – awesome compositions in the Canadian Rockies abound at every literal turn, creating vistas and landscapes that stand alone in a park setting unlike any other.  In this shot Len Saltiel shares a view of this incredible region that includes dramatic snow-capped mountains accented by a gorgeous still reflection from the gentle waters of Lake Louise.

Fall in lago di Braies – the colors of autumn find harmony against the mountainous setting in this beautiful image by Lyes Kachaou.  Adding to the inherent beauty and wonder of this shot is a mirror-like reflection of the scene captured in the still waters of the lake that sits in the foreground.

*** – Luis Valadares delivers a monochromatic shot that features a strong leading line with a great abstract element to it.  A reflection from a still pool of water accents the composition, completing it perfectly as you explore the shot and enjoy the great vanishing point included here.

photography links

The view from Devil’s Dyke – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) shares a great shot full of layers for depth and context that showcases the incredible scale of the landscape visually explored.  A soft fog lingers over the scene, adding a great feel to this image that appears to go on forever.

Viking hangouts – Rob Sese brings us to a location in Iceland that includes a Viking-era building embedded in the landscapes of the region.  I am not sure that this is an original site, but regardless, it really gives the viewer a chance to visit the remains of a society that was active during an important time in terms of history.

photography links

First Light Stone – Bob Lussier takes us back to one of his favorite subjects, the stone mill in Lawrence.  In this fabulous shot we see the side of one of the stone built buildings that goes back quite far in time and history for the region just as the first light of day makes its appearance.

Dutch – wonderful purples dance across the sky in this gorgeous shot that features the character and spirit of this region near Amsterdam.  A house sits near a still body of water that creates a great reflection with warm tones from the sun glancing off of its facade in a powerful shot from Remo Scarfò.

Tawny Owl – peering straight back at the camera, we find a wonderful owl perched on a limb in this photograph from Milan Zygmunt.  This great portrait does a fine job of sharing a peek at the personality of these amazing birds, sure to be enjoyed by wildlife photography enthusiasts everywhere.

Extinguish – there is so much to explore and enjoy in this rich shot from Michael Criswell, taken inside an old abandoned church that still stands tall even though it has been forgotten and neglected for years.  Michael finishes this shot off as a black-and-white, highlighting the natural drama of the large-scale architecture exploring details that are found in both the light and the shadow.  You will also notice a fire extinguisher in the frame, adding another feature of interest to the shot in the form of artistic tension.

photography links
driver Photographer

Before the storm – as sunset and a storm approach, we find the rusty hull of a ship that lies in shallow waters now long forgotten in this great picture by panagiotis laoudikos.  The composition is created using a panoramic format, adding to the intrinsic drama of a scene that is full of artistic tension as we all wonder about the story behind the boat.

Marginal Way Sunrise – beautiful colors grace our screen in this early morning shot captured and shared here by Steven Perlmutter.  Steven uses rock outcroppings as natural leading lines in this shot, gently guiding us out into the ocean where a world only found in our imaginations comes to life.

Noche de Miedo – Alfon No shares a great shot of an old and abandoned car that is lit to maximize the creepy feel of the composition.  All the windows are shattered in this rusty hull, and Alfon does a spectacular job of lighting the body of the car and making it appear as if the headlights are on, creating a strong sense of artistic tension.

photography links
Filipe Castilhos

running away – Frank King merges the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains with a group of horses that appear to be making their journey away from the camera in this western themed shot.  The natural beauty of the snow-covered mountains finds perfect harmony with the horses to create and deliver something that is distinctly Canadian in construct.

Church… – this incredible photograph has a strong feel of a painting by one of the masters, revealing a landscape scene with many layers that feel as if they go on forever, with a great church sitting on the hill in the distance in the middle of the frame.  Krzysztof Browko takes advantage of the incredible colors of the day to create an overall accent to this amazing vista.

Further Learning

It could well be a good idea to ensure you’re covered when it comes to knowing how your DSLR works and learning some Essential Photography Skills. That’s where this easy step by step guide for beginners will be of HUGE value to your journey as a photographer!

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