The World of Photography has Been a Busy One this Week! Want to Know Why…?


It's been a very exciting week in the realm of photography, with tutorials, special features and great photography posted online by some of the best people working in the field today!

This week's list comes to us hand-curated by the awesome Toad Hollow Photography, who has searched all over the internet for the best photography links to share here with everyone.

We hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.

Photography Tutorials

Digital Blending is a Post Production Technique You Need to Get a Hold Of – this short tutorial is hosted right here on Light Stalking, and it discusses a technique that can be applied in a variety of ways to help you take fine control of the image you are creating, often with incredible results. The various techniques are covered briefly in this article, giving you a great springboard to reference to get you well on your way to creating your own fantastic images.

frederic gombert
frederic gombert

Take advantage of selection tools in Photoshop – this brief article takes you through some terrific tips and tricks regarding selection tools in Photoshop, and how to get a clean selection very quickly and easily. A sample image is included to give you visual feedback on how the technique works, making this a straightforward process you can apply to your own workflow.

Overpowering the sun; Shooting outdoor flash portraits in harsh bright sunlight – taking control of ambient versus artificial lighting is a key concept in photography, allowing the photographer to create the perfect balance that is desired for the final result. Gavin Hoey on AdoramaTV takes us through this process using speedlights and strobes, and shows you the finished pictures so you can instantly see the effects the technique produces.

Behind the Scenes: Aquatic Beauty Shoot With Lindsay Adler – check out this incredible behind-the-scenes video that shows us the various things that have to happen to create incredible fashion and beauty images. Industry leader Lindsay Adler has a team working with her during this session, and the incredible attention to fine details results in some pretty stunning photographs.


How to Increase Impact in Portraits With Selective Masking – this short video tutorial takes you quickly through a technique that can be used in post-production that will add drama and impact to portraits. The process is covered by working on a real photograph, allowing you to see each step and the effect it has on the final image.

When And Why You Should Use Flash – this brief tutorial discusses the application of flash light in a picture, and how best to use it. Sample shots are included to illustrate the core concepts, giving those who are beginning to explore the world of artificial lighting a great starting point.

Special Features

Take a visit inside Ansel Adams’ house & studio to see his camera collection – just as the title promises, this video presentation is just over 12 minutes in length and showcases some of the equipment that world-famous photographer Ansel Adams used during the course of his career. This is an absolutely fascinating video to watch as it gives us some incredible insight into who is arguably one of the best photographers that ever lived and practiced.

A tour of the legendary USS Missouri – C|NET takes us on an incredible photographic tour of the famous battleship Missouri as it sits docked in Hawaii. For those who can’t make the trip in person, this is a great way to quickly tour this famous ship that has a fascinating history to it.

Sandrine Néel
Sandrine Néel

NASA Unveils Vast Archive of Space Images – NASA has just released an incredible archive of space captured photographs and now has them available online for the world to check out and enjoy. This is a massive catalog, your best bet is to pull up a chair and expect to spend some time working your way through this treasure trove.

A Simple Explanation of How Lenses Work – Canon has just released a brief video presentation that shows us how lenses work. This fascinating look at the physics behind how lenses function is sure to remove some of the mystery behind this topic.

Watch Erik Johansson Create One of His Surreal Photos from Scratch – learning about the creative process employed by professionals is a great way to learn, and it’s really interesting as well. This short video is just over 3 minutes in length and it gives us all a great behind-the-scenes look at what went into creating a really terrific fine art piece.

Great Photography Links

Between edges of the World – Dmitry Kupratsevich delivers a stunning image, one that is truly a piece of fine art, in this shot that features the ancient monastery in the middle of Lake Bled in Slovenia. As a light fog encircles this medieval era place, a sense of mystery and intrigue envelops you, creating a feeling that you have stepped back in time hundreds of years.

Life Is… – the beautiful power and drama that can only be discovered in the heart of a black-and-white photograph comes to brilliant life in this shot shared here by Michael Criswell. Michael takes us inside an old abandoned church where years of decay have left their indelible mark behind, and this is accented perfectly by some graffiti that has been carefully placed to make everyone who sees it ponder the meaning of life itself.

Interior Architecture of Mosque – a beautifully adorned mosque in Lahore, Pakistan comes to life on our screens in this terrific architectural study by Sajid Abdullah. The incredible colors that grace the inside finds perfect harmony with all the great details, creating an image that draws you in as you explore the finer features.

Twilight at the beach – beautiful colors adorn our screens in this beach themed shot posted by Barry Turner. A row of beach huts form a perfect leading line in this shot as we follow along outwards into a gorgeous sunset that exhibits the best that nature has to share.

Jeffrey Camphens
Jeffrey Camphens

Electric – a fascinating image is presented here by Mitul Shah, featuring a coastline that cuts the frame in half with light trails from moving traffic that create strong leading lines into the photograph. The results showcase a great vanishing point in the distance as we look at a scene that features dramatic architecture poised on the edge of the ocean for a great sense of artistic tension.

Nothing But Net – CJ Schmit takes us inside a long abandoned gymnasium where years of neglect along with artful graffiti artists have left behind textures and details that are terrific to view. This shot is full of great elements, offering more to the viewer who spends time checking out the finer points.

Down We Go – a dash of motion blur effect on the outer edges of this abstract architectural shot creates a sense of dynamism as we follow the natural leading lines into a compelling vanishing point in this photograph by Mitul Shah. The unique processing treatment that Mitul uses on this shot creates something truly special as it draws you into the heart of the image.

Tobias Barz
Tobias Barz

My City – Washington DC – JayJacy Photography shares a dramatic architectural study in this shot, utilizing the power that can be leveraged by HDR to fully bring the scene to life. This shot features one of the dominant government structures in the city, sharing a bit of the spirit of this world-famous locale.

Dancing Trees 2 – nature once again delights and entrances in this shot from Anton Raharja that focuses on a grove of trees standing in water as a brilliant sunset lingers behind them in the distance. The wonderful colors of the sunset make silhouettes out of the trees, adding a perfect finishing element to this great photograph.

Markree Castle – this photo essay comes to us from Magnumlady who brings us along on a glorious exploration of a very old castle. This post features shots from both the outside and the inside, covering a vast array of details and features allowing us all to experience a visit to this historic location.

driver Photographer
driver Photographer

Mad World – silky reflections and dramatic architecture are the order of the day in this great image by The Narratographer. A dreamy ambience is captured in this shot as a thin fog envelops some of the buildings, delivering a mesmerizing image that reveals more to the viewer as you spend time taking in the finer details.

Cargèse à la tombée de la nuit – Mathias Lucas takes us on a brief journey of discovery, sharing photographs from two distinct churches that sit across from each other. Mathias brings his personal and unique vision to this work, sharing a few compositions that do a lovely job of showcasing the inherent architectural features of the buildings.

Standing Room Only – the panoramic format utilized in this composition by Timothy Poulton showcases the incredible New Zealand landscapes that surround this old stone church that sits on the side of a lake. The character of the church itself creates a perfect anchor element as we discover dramatic snow-capped mountains in the distance that create a natural frame.

Freedom – this fabulous photograph by Efemir Art features incredible colors, silky waters and wonderful natural silhouettes from rock formations in an exploration of nature. This picture takes on a highly abstract feel to it, along with a sense of mystery in the natural ambience of the setting and the conditions captured.

Mobilus In Mobili
Mobilus In Mobili

Sunset – Arizona Style – Ron Niebrugge’s shot features dramatic silhouettes of large standing cactus trees against the backdrop of a vibrantly colored sunset that shows us the epic beauty of a color palette that can only be found naturally. This shot really gives us a great idea of what it’s like in this region, and does so with a touch of artistic tension to draw you into the frame.

Magical Dawn in Bled – deep oranges dominate the color palette in this stunning shot that features the ancient monastery at Lake Bled in Slovenia. This location reveals completely different personalities and character of the scene depending on time of day and weather conditions, and in this case Csilla Zelko delivers a purely magical rendition.

Virginia State Capitol – Mark Summerfield does a terrific job of sharing a photograph of a very important historical state building that sits in Virginia. Built in the late 1700’s, this building has deep roots in the history of the formation of the United States, and Mark’s composition does a great job of highlighting this.

Waiting for the perfect salmon – Dylan Furst captures a striking portrait of a bald eagle sitting on a branch on a very moody day, presumably patiently waiting for signs of it’s next meal. This incredible portrait of this raptor does a perfect job of capturing it’s spirit and personality.

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