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We have had yet another spectacular week in the world of photography with artists and authors publishing content related to the field on a wide variety of topics. In this post, we find that Toad Hollow Photography has been searching in all known corners of the internet for links to tutorials, special features, and great photography. We really hope you enjoy checking out this weeks list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.


Better Beach Photography. Make A Splash With These Tips On Gear, Settings, And Composition – this is a terrific in-depth article, posted right here on Light Stalking, that covers the entire spectrum of things to consider when shooting outdoors on a beach. The sample shots that are included in this article are all awesome and have me reaching for my camera on my desk as I put one foot out the door to head for the coast.

Nakoda Lodge
Jan Mosimann

6 Ideas for More Creative Landscape Photography – many of us long to capture landscape and cityscape scenes that truly stand out in the crowd. This brief article talks about a handful of concepts you can apply to your work in this genre, and it also includes some great sample shots so you can see for yourself how the ideas translate to photography.

Available Light – 5 Lighting conditions explained – check out this short 5-minute video that talks about shooting in the natural available light. The various types of light are studied in good detail as the video unfolds, leaving you with a great understanding of how to leverage this for your own photographs.

Bear 409, September 2018
Katmai National Park and Preserve

Increase Depth in Your Landscape Photos Using These Simple Tricks – landscape photography can lead avid enthusiasts down countless paths in terms of trying to get the most possible out of your shots. This short article talks about some key points of consideration when it comes to this genre of photography, and along with the illustrative shots shows you how to use the concepts to their fullest potential.

Shooting Soft and Natural Portraits Using Inexpensive Christmas Lights – I am always amazed at what creatives can do with simple and inexpensive setups, in many cases rivaling the work of seasoned pros who run with huge budgets. This great tutorial shows us how to use simple strands of Christmas lights as mood-creating elements in some really striking portrait shots.

Morro Jable - Fuerteventura
Florian Volk

Learning to “See the Light” – Joe Farace shares another of his nuggets of wisdom in this short post that inspires us all to take control of the light we capture in our photographs through the art of deeper understanding. While often seen as a cliche, the expression “see the light” comes to us down from the ages from the masters and is a key concept to master when it comes to creating art.


This photographer dangles from a helicopter to take stunning aerial photos – as a drone photographer myself, I already understand and greatly appreciate the results you can get when your camera perspective goes airborne. This photographer takes it one step even further, dangling out of perfectly good helicopters to capture frames that can only be seen and composed from these lofty heights.

Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet

Hundreds of century-old photos of Inuit traveling the North – the true power of photography comes to life in this CBC article that discusses a collection of black-and-white photographs captured in the early 1900’s in the extreme northern regions of Canada, depicting the Inuit people in their natural environs. The shots featured in this article are highly detailed, which is amazing given the time they were captured.

Hubble captures ‘celestial fairy lights' of the Large Magellanic Cloud – “wow” doesn't even begin to cut it when it comes to descriptors for this amazing celestial photograph. Countless stars twinkle in myriad colors, leaving us all feeling rather small on this tiny planet we inhabit in one small corner of our Milky Way.

Puerto deportivo. Gijón.
David Álvarez López

40+ Amazing Shots Showing The Natural Planet – Planet Earth is an amazing place, full of an abundance of various wildlife creatures and natural features that vary widely depending on where you are. This selection of shots showcases some of the most unique animals and landscapes that can be found on our little planet, each worthy of mention on their own, and when viewed as an entire collection they give us all a great idea of the natural blessings we are surrounded with.

See Life Aboard Cuba's Aging Trains – National Geographic takes us along as they ride the rails in Cuba, showing us all what it’s like to have an experience like this today. The accompanying story to the photos reveals the background to what we see here and gives us all insight into a country that has largely survived outside the view of contemporary media.

First Dusting
David Wood

Architectural Photography Awards 2018 shortlist revealed – for those who love great architectural photography this is a post you won’t want to miss in this weeks list. This feature is a big collection of photos that cover a wide variety of themes ranging from minimalistic geometric studies to detailed architecturally focused pieces.


Burning Morning in Slovenia – the ancient monastery on the tiny island on Lake Bled in Slovenia remains one of the most mystical and ethereal places on my personal bucket lists, with archeological evidence of early settlements going back as far as the 11th century BC. The church as we see it here in this truly amazing shot from Daniel Fleischhacker is from the 17th century and represents one of those amazing places on earth that stand out as special.

Mathias Appel

Lady in Red Power Plant, France – wow, this is amazing! In this post, we find that Obsidian Urbex Photography has visited another incredible location that is long abandoned. In this feature, the subject is a long disused power plant where the control room is largely still intact. The room has eerie vibrantly colored accents adding to the feeling of an encounter on an alien planet.

Kirkjufell in the evening – the landscapes of Iceland are known far and wide, especially by adventurous photographers looking to capture shots of scenes that take on an entirely otherworldly look and feel. Robert Didierjean photographs one of the famous waterfalls of the country using a long exposure, juxtaposing the dramatic and rugged landscapes against the silky feel of the water in motion.

driver Photographer

Old Trucks – Colfax, Washington – Len Saltiel visits the western region of the United States where the Palouse area creates incredible scenes that photographers just love. In this shot we find that Len has found a row of classic old pickup trucks sitting in front of a stunning red barn, creating a truly bucolic feel.

dream of crocus – Tiger Seo creates a delightful shot of colorful flowers living close to the forest floor in this highly detailed shot. A very shallow depth-of-focus is used to photograph this vibrant swatch of purple flowers, helping to isolate them perfectly from their backdrop.


Shenandoah County Courthouse – Mark Summerfield shares a short story and series of photographs of a heritage courthouse building in the United States. Mark took these shots on a day with a blue sky which brings out the textures in the rough-hewn limestone that comprises the structure, and all the fine details of the building.

Blue view from Iceland – Agnès Perrodon’s shot from the fabled lands of Iceland is a monochromatic study that explores the blue color palette, which in turn gives the image a strong cinematic feel. This shot looks out over deep blue waters to a rocky mountain outcropping that adds a jagged dramatic element to the composition.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Lee Plaza Hotel – there are countless urbex spots to explore in the decaying parts of Detroit City, and this post from Michael Criswell represents the first in a series of photos he is publishing from his trip to this storied city. This shot is taken inside what once must have been an incredible hotel, but today is a space full of artistic natural decay from years of forlorn neglect.

Tuscany – the beautiful bucolic rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy are shared in this bright and colorful landscape shot from Gürkan Gündogdu. A gentle winding ribbon of road cuts a path through the colorful scenes out towards a beautiful colored sky that is finished off grandly with a vibrant sunburst.

Hotel view over Bangkok
Cristina Diaconu

Tivoli Fountain In The Cinematic Frame – Scott Wood uses a cinematic aspect ratio for this shot of a brightly colored fountain captured at night so the colors can really pop out of the scene. This aspect ratio is indeed highly cinematic, creating a distinct feel for the viewer.

Dream of Spring – Jaewoon U’s moody shot of a lake surrounded by colorful foliage in the trees is punctuated by a strong mirrored reflection in the waters. A thin mist covers the area in spots, adding to the ethereal sense of the scene.

paulisson miura

Drawn to the Intimate – west coast photographer Laurie MacBride shares an abstract piece in this shot that focuses on a natural vignette of a natural rock formation. The interesting textures she sees and explores in this frame are limited in color palette, but rich in details that entice the viewer to almost feel the surface of the rocks photographed.

THE STEPS – a very low perspective creates strong artistic tension as we follow the stairs up towards the details of the museum’s interior in this great shot from Michael Kendziorra. As you spend time with this particular shot, certain ornate details in the classic architecture come out of the image.

An awesome display of light and texture in inside of Antelope Canyon – the Antelope Canyon range is an often explored and photographed location as it creates extremely unique image opportunities with light and shadow playing off the red hues of the canyon walls. In this particular shot from Mindz.eye, the wavy natural formations play with light as we’ve seen before, but they also create a very unique frame into the outside world.

Facade – this shot is a study of abstracts in the context of architectural studies, captured and shared here by Andy Hooker (LensScaper). A closer look at the shot reveals interesting details in the windows of the building as each windowed square holds a unique glimpse into the personality of those who live within it.

New York City 10/3/18
Sharon Mollerus

The Epic Hour – explosive colors dance across the sky in this mesmerizing shot from Ricardo Mateus that leads the viewer through the frame and out into the wide unknown with the natural lines created by the wooden pier. Clouds that linger in the sky in the distance add a perfect element to complete this image.

Jungle Stream Foliage, Island of Hawaii – let’s head to the tropics with this shot from Mark Paulson that shows a beautifully colored flower hanging over a running stream. The intense greens of the surrounding foliage work with the rocks and waters of the stream to create a great feel.

Escalator in the Umeda Sky Building – an escalator and it’s finishing features in the form of a clear roof form the primary subject in this shot from Herbert A. Franke. The escalator itself creates both a strong vanishing point in the distance and a leading line into the frame full of repeating geometric patterns.

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