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There is a lot going on in the world of photography these days with writers and artists from all corners creating terrific content and images and submitting them to the internet. This weeks list from Toad Hollow Photography is full of tutorials, special features and great photography, with something here for photography enthusiasts of every genre. We really hope you enjoy checking all these links out as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.


Why Aperture Priority is the Most Preferred Shooting Mode by Photographers – this is a great article that discusses the power and flexibility that aperture priority mode can provide a photographer. Personally I probably shoot in this mode myself over 90% of the time, only deviating when I bring my strobe lights into the equation. This article is an in-depth look at why this mode is so popular, and what it can do for your own photography.


In-Camera Light Metering Techniques: Here’s Everything You Need to Know – learning how to master the built-in light meter in your camera is absolutely key to capturing great images. This terrific article is accompanied by a short video tutorial that covers the 3 types of metering embedded in modern cameras and shows you how to take full control of your exposure.

How to Remove Large Objects in Photoshop – removing objects or artefacts in post-production is an art form all its own with Photoshop, and in this video that is just over 22 minutes long, we get an in-depth look at how to accomplish this with great looking output. This tutorial will be of interest to photographers working at all levels as it is full of great tips and tricks.

Enrique Lopez Garre

Landscape Photography Tips to deal with Bad Light – most of us have dealt with less than ideal lighting conditions while out on a shoot, but this doesn’t have to be the end of the day in terms of coming home with great shots. This tutorial dives into how to use the conditions as they are to their fullest potential, resulting in some pretty great shots.

Intentional camera movement tips: how to create mountains from molehills – this is a not-often used technique in the world of photography, yet it can create some pretty interesting abstract looking images. This tutorial gives us some insight into how to achieve this look by sharing some great tips and showing sample images created with the method.

Special Features

The photographer shooting a 30-year timelapse of New York's skyline – this is one of the coolest photography projects I have ever seen. This ongoing project is based on a personal concept that utilizes a lot of various bits and pieces to achieve. The results so far are incredible, and I am quite sure as we revisit the running project over the years it will reveal a very dynamic city skyline of one of the most notable cities in the modern world.


These comedy wildlife photography finalists are a delight to behold – who doesn’t love a good chuckle in life these days? Check out this great post that features a selection of truly hilarious shots of animals being themselves in their natural habitats.

The Hope and Resilience of Animals, in Photos – this is a truly heartwarming post, showing us how animals are very resilient in their own ways and how this can serve as inspiration for us all. The various shots included in this post, along with the story behind them all is definitely something that will tug at everyone’s heart.

Alexas Fotos

Camera Drone Follows Rollercoaster to Capture Dizzying Cinematic Footage – wow, alright then!! Check out this amazing video footage of a crazy rollercoaster doing it’s twists, dives and turns as it being followed by one of the best drone pilots I’ve ever seen! This kind of video really showcases the amazing perspective that drones offer for photographers, and when applied creatively like this they can produce images that are simply impossible otherwise.

Explore photography’s history with these rare cameras – take a virtual stroll through a terrific exhibit that is hosted at The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, sharing images of cameras and the photographers that used them from a bygone era. Many of these cameras formed the foundation for our modern equipment, making this a very interesting historical look at photography over the years.


Cinematic Street Photos in Tokyo by Yusuke Kubota – this special feature showcases a wide variety of subjects and types of photography, all originating from a gifted urban and street photographer exploring the city they live in. Each of the images shown here could easily stand on their own in terms of excellence, but getting to see them all as a collection really does add a lot to the presentation.

Tom Hegen’s Beautiful Abstract Photos Explore the Namib Desert – oftentimes when you think of the desert a sense of isolation and desolation can come racing to your mind. This post shows us how a location like this can create incredible abstracts, revealing characteristics of these places in a very unique way.

Great Photography

36 incredible, award-winning drone photos that will make you feel like you're flying – the perspective that drones offer for photographers these days is simply amazing, as we see in this incredible set of shots all captured from this exciting elevated perspective. These shots are all of different subjects captured in different parts of the world, giving a broad look at what’s possible with these camera platforms.


The Rookery Spiral – John S shares a great shot of a staircase from the perspective of looking straight down, creating a strong composition that delivers both an architectural study as well as a form of an abstract. This particular staircase is adorned with fine woodwork and was captured in a historic building in the United States.

Framed – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming – as Len Saltiel notes in his post, this is considered to be the most photographed barn in the world, and for good reason. This well-known spot in the Grand Teton Park is home to one of the original homesteads in the area, and this beautiful barn is the perfect subject to juxtapose against the natural beauty of the mountains behind it.


Mirror – for those of us who love long exposure photography, this is a picture you’ll definitely want to take the time to see. This shot from Christophe Staelens is of wooden pier posts that lead you out into the expanse of the silky waters they are moored in. The photograph is finished as a black-and-white to really bring out all the drama of the setting.

Bear and Whales – don’t expect to find a huge Grizzly Bear in the fight of a lifetime with a whale in this post, but it’s still quite the shot from Ron Niebrugge captured in the wilds of Alaska. This shot features a massive whale breaching the surface of the ocean, and you can almost literally feel the joy in its heart as it loves the world it inhabits.


Beach sunset – beautiful natural colors in the sky create the perfect canvas for the lighthouse featured in this wonderful picture by David Dai. The red highlights found on the buildings' roofs add a punch of great color to the warm overall feel of the composition.

Reflections – this beautiful seascape shot features a dynamic sky with clouds that look like they are in motion, all juxtaposed against the still waters on the shore below. Mike Diaz uses the natural lighting conditions to their utmost with this shot that benefits from the natural conditions to also cast awesome reflections of the rock formations.


Old Town Valencia – this great shot from Edith Levy was captured in the heart of Europe and really expresses the great character that can only be found in this old part of the world. This shot features a historical building facade with tons of detail and also includes two bicycles for an added touch of artistic tension.

Friends – one of my favorite parts about photography, in general, is how sometimes we all get to see things that we typically wouldn’t if not for the timing of someone being at the right place at the right time with a camera. This shot of a pair of unusual animals hanging out in symbiosis is a great example of this. This photograph is by Mustafa Öztürk.


Abandoned Palouse – when it comes to gritty shots of decay from buildings long left abandoned Michael Criswell is one of the photographers I look out for as his shots always find the raw drama of these places that leave us all with many more questions than answers. This shot features the inside of a dilapidated house and is processed as a black-and-white to bring out all the details and textures found in a setting like this.

Maze of light – it’s hard to beat the magical beauty of natural light as it plays with an ethereal landscape, as we see in this stunning shot from Dag Ole Nordhaug. This shot appears to be captured in the Grand Canyon and with the thin fog that covers the scene we see beautiful light streaming across a layered landscape that draws you right into it.

The Moscow metro station Mayakovskaya – Yuri Depeche creates a great black-and-white architectural study in this shot that features an underground train station in Moscow that was built in 1938. The monochromatic post-production of the photograph is a perfect way to feature the wonderful details in this classic facility.

Jerzy Gorecki

Striking Sunset – let’s join Theresa Ditson in Arizona as she captures a stunning sunset captured over an amazing landscape scene. If you look closely at this shot you will find a lightning bolt making its way to earth in the left part of the frame, and the incredible rock formations on the right add fabulous drama and context.

golden sunrise – this great cityscape shot from Vladimir Nikolaev was captured in the city of Dubai from an elevated position. It appears that this shot was color graded with a specific cinematic look in mind that does a terrific job of bringing out all the great details in the contemporary architecture of the city.

The Antelope Canyon, near Page, Arizona, USA – this place is a spot that draws me in everytime I see a new shot from the location as it creates a palette of strong shadow and light play in the natural formations of the canyon. This particular rendition from William Freebilly photography is a stunning example of how this park can create natural abstracts that are a true wonder to see and take in.


Seal of approval – check out this great set of shots from Phil Kneen taken under the surface of the water of a seal pup interacting with him and his camera. The resulting shots are all really great, showing us the wonderful spirit and personality these creatures have as they explore their natural habitats.

In the Light of the Morning – in many ways nature is the best and most intriguing artist we can find in our world, creating scenes and details that at times can take on an abstract and ethereal feel. This shot from Warren Ishii features rolling waves that are both absolutely beautiful while being a great example of the power and fury that nature can produce.

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