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What an epic week in the world of photography!  The folks at Toad Hollow Photography have been collecting links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone, and the result of all that work is this week's list.  We really hope you enjoy looking at the images produced by these great artists as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.

Check out the Toad's latest photography adventure as he kicks off his inaugural post for TLC, The Land Conservancy.  They are a non-profit, charitable Land Trust working throughout British Columbia focused on preserving the history and heritage of the area.  The Toad begins his first assignment with the blog post “A New Beginning” which talks a bit about the group and shares a few details of upcoming posts that were a result of his first photo-shoot working with TLC.


Food For Digital Thought: 101 Things To Know About Photography – Joe Baraban shares an educational and insightful piece here, full of GREAT tips and pointers to give you that little extra edge in your practice.

Shutter Speed Explained: Easy and Simple – a brief but well-written piece detailing the effects of the shutter speed in photography.  This article is sure to shed some light on this topic for those who are in process of learning about the 3 keys to photography; shutter speed, aperture setting and ISO.

The Law Of The Light Part II: Lighting People – another brief but highly informative post from Joe Baraban shares some principles in using light for capturing portraits of people.  Great article, well worth the short time required to read and absorb it.

Ten travel photography tips that you need to know – Tristan shares a 5 minute video containing some gems for those who are doing or want to do travel photography.  Tristan’s videos are typically excellent, and this one delivers some useful insights.

The F.I.L.M. Project, VSCO Film and Lodge No 51 – Jim Denham shares a screencast presentation that shares some tips on using Aperture for image processing.  This roughly 10 minute video is definitely well worth the time to view.


Balestrino Abandoned Village – Mark Blundell delivers another one of his stunning 360* panorama HDR presentations.  This time we are taken to an abandoned village in Europe where all the inhabitants are long gone and all that remains is the empty structures and homes.

First Encounter – a lovely experience is shared by Ashley Vincent with this truly incredible image.  A clouded leopard is brought into the world, and Ashley has a chance to grab an image of this wonderful little baby as it begins to explore the new world it finds itself in.

Elbow Grease – it would seem that this place needs more than just a solid cleaning.  With that being said, Rob Hanson pokes his camera inside this falling down farmhouse and comes away with a gritty, textured image that is absolutely captivating.

Boathouse, Obersee – a scene captured from another planet entirely!  This wonderful image of a half-submerged boathouse in a pool of water with an incredible mountain backdrop delivers a compelling shot from the studio of Mark Whale.

Iron in the Silhouette – CJ Schmit captures and shares a dramatic silhouette in this photograph.  An iron train bridge creates great shapes and lines against the sky, a shot that leaves the viewer with many unanswered questions.

Hellboy – an extreme macro close up of a spider is shared here by Anusit Sarerattanachai.  We get such a detailed shot, you can almost read this spiders mind.

The Lake – Scott Wood is well known for his great infrared work in the realm of photography.  In this post, he shares a lake scene with really great details and interesting tones that are sure to be enjoyed by all.

Sky high – get ready for a real birds-eye view of the city of Pittsburgh in this wonderful post by Dave DiCello.  Once again Dave shares a shot that showcases his incredible talents in this genre of photography, producing a pair of shots that are sure to amaze all who pop by for a visit.

Art & The Vintage Car – we get a fabulous series of iPhone images here in this post from Edith Levy.  A taste of architecture is punctuated by a set of great shots of an old Dodge truck.  Good Lord, I want to go for a ride in that gorgeous thing…

The Loneliest Road in America – Bob Lussier takes us on a far-away journey, to a place where people and cars no longer exist.  This stretch of road is the perfect subject for Bob to shoot, complete with a wonderful vanishing point that adds so much drama and tension to the scene.

Weekend Relaxer #18 – another beer review and incredible label photo graces the blog of Chris Nitz.  If this doesn’t make you want to head right out to your local beer haberdashery for some of the goods, we really don’t know what will.

Carolina Dreamin’ – a beautiful house sits on the shore in the Carolina’s, creating a spectacular subject for the photography of Rob Hanson.  This house is absolutely gorgeous, and the setting really makes it stand out.

Ink On The Half Shell – a giant sea turtle is carefully captured and processed in this post by Aaron Barlow.  Using high-key techniques in post-processing, Aaron creates a compelling image by accenting the shapes and lines of the turtle, in turn creating an absolutely mesmerizing piece.

Top Shelf Feeds – a local photographer shares a shot here of a facility we’ve photographed before ourselves, as featured in our blog post “The Toad At Top Shelf”.  We are always amazed to see another artist's interpretation of the subjects we have shot, and this picture is a great example of this.

Harris Hawk – all the character and spirit of this magnificent bird is captured and shared in this epic photograph by Christopher Dodds.  Rich details in the face and feathers of the graceful bird are perfectly photographed here, creating a very compelling image to view and enjoy.

Hoboken Lackawanna Terminal and Clock Tower – this is a wonderful architectural study of an old terminal and clock tower from Mark Garbowski.  Great tones in the building are accented by the really rich lines and details.

A Patient Gator – oh wow, now that’s why I call a serious looking fellow!  Tim Stanley takes a photograph of one very grumpy looking half-submerged alligator, and delivers an image full of character.

Tennessee Valley Morning – you just have to love the incredible sense of expanse this photograph brings.  Jerry Denham captures and early morning landscape complete with a gentle fog that helps to create a quiet feeling of breaking dawn.

Canadian National Railway – Scott Hovind takes us on an inner exploration of some iconic CN rail cars.  These great shots are composed with awesome leading lines, vanishing points and tons of great details to take in and enjoy.

The Road Ahead – Kathleen and Erik Kerstenbeck share a visual metaphor that is sure to resonate with everyone.  This great shot of an iconic building in NYC is accented by a fast moving taxi to create the entire visual representation of the message being shared.

Safeway, Winnipeg, 2012 – Ren Bostelaar captures a shot of a Safeway store front that really gives us a strong taste of nostalgia.  For many of us of advanced years, this store represents something from the past, and the composition and natural light found here really brings that notion to life.

Supermoon 2012 – what is sure to be the first post we highlight of this years Supermoon full moon event, we share a strong series from the studio of Adam Allegro.  This super-sized orb is perfectly captured by Adam, delivering a must-see set in this week’s list.

Dawn on Prescott – a really fascinating rail bridge is the center of attention in this great photograph by Jim Denham.  Unbelievable engineering has gone into the design and creation of this monolithic structure, and Jim’s picture here brings it all together.

Supermoon Over CityCentre – our second blog featuring this years supermoon is posted here by Jay Taylor.  With this shot Jay grabs a scene of the moon partially obscured by cloud cover with the beautiful city of Seattle as a foreground.

Supermoon 2012 – we join Jason Hines on the edge of the Grand Canyon as the moon emerges from behind the rock formations.  The incredible canyon is gently lit from the wonder light tones emitted from the moon, creating an absolutely mesmerizing landscape to view and enjoy.

Supermoon at DIA – Hansrico Photography takes us to the Dallas International Airport in this post to share a pair of photographs of the epic supermoon.  The second photo is my favorite, displaying all the natural intrigue and mystique inherent in such a phenomenon.

The Daisies of Namaqualand – our winter and spring have been dark and cold up here in the Pacific Northwest this year, and we are all looking forward to any small sign of better weather.  This wonderful and colorful shot by Barbara Youngelson whisks us to a bright and cheery place in this photo of vibrant wildflowers.

Sound of Speed – this post is a great study in the elegance and beauty of modern avionics.  Blake Rudis shares a series of shots of planes, including the F-22 Raptor which is a modern day marvel of electronics and ingenuity.

Piccadilly Rain: A photo collection – abstract shapes and colors are captured in this set of images taken of reflective pools of rainwater in the city streets.  In this post the simplest of concepts delivers strong drama, producing a piece that is a must-see in this week’s list.

Route 66 Vintage Car and Trailer – you half expect Ricky and Lucy Ricardo to jump out from this classic Hudson car in this nostalgic scene captured perfectly by Anne McKinnell.  The old cars and RVs were full of intrinsic character, and in this case Anne captures the pure essence of this scene perfectly.

Capital – Scott Wood begins to explore his new home, Olympia, WA, in this blog entry.  In this shot Scott brings us the capital building, creating a great image through a totally unique and captivating composition.

1968 280SL – one of my personal favorite Mercedes models is presented in this photograph from Bob Byington.  Bob used a selective color technique to bring the viewer directly to the classic car, and then the surroundings are exposed in black-and-white creating an image full of really great tension.

On the backs of Angels – the bluest blues, the orangest oranges, and a heart-stopping reflection merge in this epic photograph from Mauro Tronto.  I believe we are looking at some form of an ice-field in this shot, and I can honestly tell you this is a breathtaking image is well worth the time to visit.

‘R' – Reflections, Rest, and Relaxation – as you may have guessed, this post is rich in reflections.  The folks from Dakota Visions Photography create a great series that takes the viewer to a restful place that causes you to stop and reflect, if you will, on the world you find yourself in.

Debod-ión por Madrid – our own Light Stalking member @astaroth takes us on a journey to Madrid, Spain.  He captures a varying set of images depicting different aspects of this fabulous city, producing a blog post that is sure to delight everyone who visits.

The Google + Photowalk in Salt Lake City – A Surprise Ending! – Howard takes us along on his recent photowalk of Salt Lake City.  The variations in the subjects and styles of the included images in this post brings a wonderful series to his audience and creates a blog post punctuated by some breathtaking shots of the Salt Lake Temple.

Old Barns, Manitoba – great old barns, particularly when they are leaning or in a state of disrepair, produce the most striking photography subjects.  Ren Bostelaar captures a scene in Manitoba of a set of these old barns, leaving the viewer with many questions left unanswered.  Great drama and tension in this photo.

Cerillos, New Mexico, USA – you’d expect a horse drawn carriage to come across your scene in this wonderful photo from Helene Kobelnyk.  An iconic American scene is captured and shared here, full of rich textures and details to enjoy.

Moonset – Jason Hines creates a really stunning image of the supermoon as it begins to set on the horizon.  The drama in the surrounding landscape is really accented by the effort and planning that went into this shot by Jason.

Let The Light Shine Down – the heavens part and glorious sunlight drapes across the countryside in this gorgeous image from Curt Fleenor.  The breathtaking mountain slopes are bathed in the sunbeams generated by the dramatic clouds, producing an image displaying all of nature’s beauty.

Bluebonnet Siesta! – this is a wonderful image from John Mead, full of character and intrigue.  A large bull peeks out above a field of flower, creating a really dramatic scene that is a pure joy to view.  Guaranteed to leave you smiling.

L C Smith & Corona – these old typewriters make for great photography subjects.  Len Saltiel takes a photograph of one in an antique store that is full of great textures and details, and really showcases the character and beauty of old and historically significant artifacts.

Hell Wagon – this shot of a ‘57 Chevy Wagon complete with incredible flames and a token dead-guy in the driver's seat really delivers a strong and compelling piece to view.  Tim does a great job of capturing the essence of this iconic car, and in turn delivers a must-see shot.

North Side – Rich McPeek shares a really wonderful cityscape shot showcasing the surrounding countryside and the architecture of the locale.  This detailed shot is really a great shot to view, and we hope that Rich feels better soon so he can get out there to pursue his passions.

me & my dad – cute doesn’t even begin to describe this great photograph by dragonflydreams88.  We have an emu baby plodding along beside its father in this great picture, one that is sure to elicit an “awwww” from everyone who pops by to see.

Pileated Woodpecker Feeding Young – the wonder of life and nature is explored in this great shot by Steve Creek.  This woodpecker family is going about the process of feeding their young, and Steve is there to capture and deliver a really captivating set of images.

Santa Fe’s Historic Adobe Architecture – when you live somewhere else, being able to see photographs of places far away is a great experience to have.  Anne McKinnell takes us to Santa Fe and showcases the wonderful tones, lines and details that are found in the local architecture.

Mental State – I actually really like the composition and tilted horizon in this shot from Mark Garbowski.  To me it adds drama and a touch of intrigue to the scene.  This is taken in what appears to be an abandoned attic or storage area, and Marks processing here really delivers a one-two punch of drama.

Moonlight Sonata – this is a very beautiful photograph of the supermoon making it’s way up the night sky.  Michael Lewis Glover captures an exquisite image of this phenomenon, creating a breathtaking piece that is sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Lone Bison – a striking figure of a lone Bison standing in the field produces a very dramatic scene to be enjoyed.  Hansrico Photography captures and shares this captivating scene, one that is a great image representation of this large, graceful creature.

The Boat Workshop – we find ourselves mesmerized with great tones and textures in the wood in this photograph from Len Saltiel.  This active boat workshop provides the perfect subject for Len, and in turn he captures and shares a top drawer shot.

The Forgotten World – Jason Hines takes us to a whole other place in time and space with this wonderful landscape photograph.  Great details in the never ending canyon produce a wonderful leading line to guide the viewer perfectly through the frame.

Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua (Part 2) – you simply have to see this post from Mark Summerfield.  Here we see a set of images captured of an old British docking station complete with fabulous artifacts and compelling architecture.

Enter At Your Own Risk – we get a peek inside a house under construction in this post from Edith Levy.  It’s amazing how much detail can be found in such a place, and Edith really showcases this concept rather perfectly!

Safe & Sound – I just love the shallow depth of focus that John Sotiriou used to capture this wonderful photograph.  A door to a safe is wonderfully explored by John and his lens, creating a piece that is a joy to view.

Patience vs Faith – absolutely epic tones and reflections are captured and shared in this breathtaking image by Fakrul J.  This is a crisp and sharp image, full of details that are guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone.

Hot Seat – you’re going to want a glass of cold water, or a fire extinguisher, handy for looking at this fabulous photograph by Scott Frederick.  An abandoned facility forms the back-drop and creates incredible textures and details to be taken in.

Have You Slept In A Wigwam Lately? – this is so cool.  I just love the historic details and the rich tones that Anne McKinnell carefully composed and shot in this set.  This old motel on Route 66 lit up at night is the absolute perfect photography subject for Anne.

American Muscle Car – a bright and vibrant monster awaits the visitor in this great post from Wayne Frost.  This classic Camaro is heavily modified, sporting a very serious looking blower strapped on.

The Pond – Dave DiCello takes us to Central Park in NYC to see the beautiful pond with the backdrop of NYC.  These great shots, one taken during the day and the other at night, are really beautiful representations of the park and the city it inhabits.

Walton Street, Syracuse – another dark and gritty piece by Mark Garbowski takes us on an adventure in a back alley where we find ourselves mesmerized by an old and worn loading dock.  Great details and textures in this picture bring the subject to life, presenting a shot that is a real must-see in this week’s list.


13 Spectacular ‘Supermoon’ Photos – this multimedia presentation delivers a series of 13 really interesting perspectives on the recent supermoon.  These shots were procured from all over the world.

History & Care Institutions, Martin Widlund – May 2012 – this incredible interview features the thoughts and images of a leading UrBex photographer in Europe.  The well written piece takes us inside the mind of the artist, which helps us to understand the drive behind his work.  We also get to see a substantial series of photographs he has produced, creating a complete piece that is a joy to read and view.

A Family That Time Forgot: Traditional Kentucky Living – an inspirational story that shows the true power and potential of photography.  This is an absolutely fascinating post, one that is sure to captivate the imagination of everyone who visits.

We Love Friday! – Graffiti Around the World – a brief but really great collection of grafitti images is shared here.  Coming from locations all over the world, this collection is really dramatic and insightful in places.

Interview with David Lykes Keenan – a really really great and truly inspiring interview with a photography great.  As many of us try to chase down our dreams of being full-time photographers, stories like this help fuel the passion and desire to continue.

Tango in the Galleria – you are about to discover a ton of great expression and drama in this wonderful series of images posted by Adam Allegro.  The Tango is one of the most passionate forms of dance and by many is considered to be very romantic in nature.  This great series by Adam takes us to a dance and showcases in splendid fashion why.

China Beach – travelling photographer and writer Jordan Oram explores the wonderful West coast of Vancouver Island in this extensive post.  We get a large series of images captured in this beautiful park, really showing off the natural wonder and beauty of the island and its rugged coast.

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