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Toad Hollow Photography has been interacting with photographers all week online, and has compiled this list of tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone here at Light Stalking.  This weeks list may be a little shorter than last weeks due to the holidays, but certainly lacks no substance.  We certainly hope you enjoy viewing and reading some of the best material online from this past week!

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Euphoria by h.koppdelaney, on Flickr


Mastering splash: the magic behind our liquid photography – a fabulous and informative article discussing techniques and methods to capture a great splash effect in photography.  Industry leader Alex Koloskov shares some of his insider secrets to this incredible style of image creation.

HDR Cookbook – Overview – another absolutely incredible article from Farbspiel Photography outlining methods, equipment and techniques to doing incredible HDR photography.  Full of links and details, this post is sure to keep everyone engaged and immersed into this world of image creation.

25 ideas to improve your landscape photography! – a fabulous set of tips and tricks for instant gratification in terms of landscape photography.  Andy Gimino shares with us his top 25 items to practice to improve your skills in this genre of photography, and all points are wonderfully thought out and described producing an article that is well worth the time to read.


V7 – another very compelling image from Kristi Hines captured at the abandoned dog track.  Fabulous details reveal just enough to entice, but the hidden spots also add an element of mystery.  Who doesn’t want to explore such a place with their lens?

9 Reasons to Go Wild This Weekend – Chase Jarvis shares with us a series of really incredible photographs, as well as some words of inspiration.  These images are all absolutely incredible and well worth the time to view.

Pipers Lagoon, Nanaimo BC – Part 1 – a fabulous series of images from our roving island photographer known as the “Maple Musketeer”.  This set of pictures was taken in Nanaimo BC, on Vancouver Island, and really showcases island living and marine life at its best.

Dark – a brooding and wonderful photograph captured using minimalism and contrast to really accentuate the subtlety of the subject, a mountain range.  The result is a truly compelling image that is sure to entice and please everyone.

Nature's Fury – the onset of a sudden micro-burst turns a fully functional building into an abandoned hull in a matter of moments.  This incredible photograph really showcases the results of Mother Nature's Fury, and serves as a reminder to us all as to how fragile life and things truly are.

Weather Beaten – an incredible image that has it all; textures, tones and details.  This picture-perfect scene of a very worn house is sure to delight and amaze all who visit.

Sculptural Cows Made From Colorful Cars – beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes is can be enticed to life through the clever use of artifacts.  This series of incredible photos shows off a field of cow sculptures, all made from recycled car parts.  You have to see it to appreciate it.

Here Comes The Knights – an evening in Kiev is about to unfold as the knights make their way to the field to begin the show.  This wonderful image really gives us a great taste of what it would be like to be at the big show.

Platform Lights – a dark and brooding image of Newcastle Central Station, this perfectly composed and processed image is full of drama and interest.

Dangerous Curves – Curt Fleenor shares a most wonderful image of a guitar body.  Subtle lighting, exquisite composition and perfect processing converge to create a truly compelling image.

Girl School “L” – a jaw dropping set of dark images taken in an old abandoned girls school.  Masterful photography and processing help to create one incredibly fascinating set of images from the studio of Chris Maskell takes us on a wistful and fascinating urbex journey.

Up, Up and Away! – a truly colorful and captivating image of a hot air balloon group as they set out on their journey.  A beautiful landscape and wonderful details combine to create a truly incredible photograph.

Wild Cargo – top drawer photography from the studio of Jimi Jones as he explores a historic aircraft, and the artwork painted on the side.  Great colors and composition take us right back to an older time.

Fleeting Summer Air – an awesome set of images captured of skateboarders working their trade at the local skate park.  Jim Denham delivers a series of action shots that really capture the sport in action.

I Have A Bridge In London – a wonderful study in bridge architecture and affixed artwork here by Jim Nix.  The city of London provides the perfect subject with awesome colors and details for all to enjoy.

Chrysler 300 – sometimes imperfections are absolutely perfect.  This wonderful photograph from the studio of Bob Lussier showcases the eyes of this glorious old classic, creating a completely compelling photograph.

Caught In The Rain – a completely dramatic and powerful shot of Mother Nature at work.  A wall of rain marches it's way toward Jason Hines, and he is ready with his camera to capture a stunning image to share with everyone.

The Arizona Twister – a dust cloud appears just in time for our resident storm chaser, Mike Olbinski to capture this incredible photo.  A fabulous landscape and great coulds add further drama to an already extremely dramatic scene.

Head in the Clouds – photography can be totally inspiring as well as entertaining.  For those with extra courage, like our friend in this shot, it can lead to extraordinary fine art.

Ibsley Ford – Panorama – incredible photography work with complex hardware and software converge in the hands of the master photographer, Mark Blundell, to create a truly epic image!  Well worth the time to spend taking it in!

Dining Dragonfly – fabulous macro photography is something I am always drawn to.  This wonderful example of a shot frozen in time of a dragonfly is very detailed and very compelling to view.  Top drawer capture here!

Sunset’s Hue – an absolute incredible landscape photograph that showcases and exhibits incredible colors.  The still reflection of the water also serves to add interest to the overall scene, creating a complete and compelling image.

American Kestrel – another great wildlife shot brings a majestic bird to life.  A bit of a background on the bird adds some extra interest to the shot, which is just perfectly composed with a spot on depth of focus to bring our eye right to the subject.

New York by Gehry Study – Mark Garbowski captures and shares a breathtaking study of tones and lines in modern architecture.  Incredible colors coupled with subtle lighting and shadows combine to create a work of fine art.

Ruppert Knickerbocker Beer – a wonderful and timely image from the studio of Steve Beal transports us back to an older time, when corner stores peppered the landscape.  This wonderful photo is full of great colors, details and textures, sure to captivate the viewer.

Stop Here On Red – another stunning landscape and architectural study from Jim Denham.  Great colors and subtle lighting at sunrise combine in the masterful hands of Jim to create a truly compelling and historic image.

Worth The Effort – Jim’s brother, Jerry Denham produces some of the most striking nature and outdoor photographs I’ve ever seen.  Swift moving water in contrast to the serene surroundings of the forest are both exposed in this beautiful and dramatic photograph.

Good Morning, Seattle – this absolutely striking photograph of Seattle’s skyline contains some of the best city architecture I’ve seen in an image in a long time, and the subtle lights from the sky and the internal lighting in the buildings combine to really produce something utterly compelling.  Jim Nix once again produces an image that is well worthy to hang on any wall.

Touch Down – a wonderful photograph from the studio of Erik Kerstenbeck showcases a lovely butterfly just as it lands.  Exquisite depth of focus is employed here to really produce something with such great details, it’s absolutely astonishing!

2011 Rodeo – Roping Events – a great sequence of images from the studio of Mike Victorino takes us right to the front row seats at an active rodeo!  Great action shots deliver the goods for us all to enjoy.

“Clark Gable” Duesenberg – 1935 Model JN Roadster – whether you’re enjoying a portrait of the entire car, or really taking in some fabulous details, James Howe delivers some of the most compelling automotive imagery I have ever seen.  This image is without peer exposing clean, flowing lines coupled with great tones; a wonderful study of a classic Deusenberg!

Basin Head, Prince Edward Island – a truly colorful and compelling piece with just a touch of solitude from our favorite roving photographer, Anne McKinnell.  Canada is a diverse place with stunning landscapes, and this picture really brings home the true nature of our country.

The Dark Knight – absolutely guaranteed to take your breath away and have you looking over your shoulder for the menacing bad guy, this highly charged image from the studio of Mike Olbinski really showcases his special skills in the arena of storm based photography.

Hobgoblin Home in Trollskogen Forest – a magical and mythical scene capturing the mystical scenes of forest dwellers.  This wonderful series of images of trees and their home really brings a strong sense of drama to the viewer.

Toy Boats – Steven Perlmutter shares with us an instant classic maritime shot.  A gaggle of boats sitting in the harbor coupled with the incredible selective focus from what I believe to be a tilt/shift lens really brings the entire scene to life.

Monarch Caterpillar – Seen through the Leaf – a truly wonderful little creature framed by nature’s own frame-shop helps to create a pair of truly incredible images.  Wonderful macro photography brings all the details to full life, for all to enjoy.

Shipwrecked on a Desert Island in Australia – click that link now, and you will thank us later!  Ken Kaminesky takes us on a wonderful voyage through the eye of his lens that ends at the most incredible shipwreck you have ever seen!

Manchester, UK: 20 Great Images – indeed, these are breathtaking shots from the region of Manchester!  A great set of images which take us all to this wonderful place from the comfort of our monitors.

Renée Blanche – a moving and highly dramatic street scene.  Taken in front of a clothing store, this photograph is shot in B&W which really helps to bring out all the drama possible from the scene.

25 Adorable Examples of Avian Photography by Alfred Forns – sometimes a photograph can instantly take your breath away, but it’s hard to find a set of 25 that do that!  This incredible series of bird photos will surely delight and entertain all who visit.

Dall Sheep – Ron Niebrugge finds and captures a wonderful setting for a Dall Sheep in the Denali National Park in Alaska.  Incredible foliage colors emerge as fall begins to set, creating the perfect stage to photograph this beautiful animal in it’s natural habitat.

NASA’s Cassini orbiter snaps unbelievable picture of Saturn – as well as a planet in our solar system, Saturn is also a most beautiful celestial being.  NASA has delivered some pretty fabulous imagery from this space mission, and this photograph posted in this article is something so extraordinary it almost looks like it’s created art.


Food for Thought- Hunger in New Mexico – Jim Hunter shares with us a poignant image and accompanying blog post on the plight of hunger in New Mexico.  This post is sure to make everyone pause for a moment to think about what we can all do to make this a better world to live in.

The Polar Bear Petitions : Save The King of The Arctic – an absolutely incredible and poignant post on this majestic being.  Well worth the time to visit and read, we are all stewards of the world we live in.

Melbourne Fog – fog provides all the drama a photographer could want when trying to capture moody and emotional scenes.  This fabulous set of images is sure to captivate everyone who enjoys this genre of imagery!

Travel Photography Mistakes to Avoid – Peter Carey writes and shares and absolutely incredible tome on travel photography.  Full of wonderful tips, tricks and hints about travel photography, this article is not geared specifically to the professional landscape photographer, but rather forms a highly informative article that is helpful to anyone who is traveling and photographing the journey.

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