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It has been a very active week online in the world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been interacting with photographers and combing for links to the very best content to share with everyone here.  This weeks list contains a great series of tutorials, photography and blogs to enjoy by some of the industry leaders.  We certainly hope you have a great time going through this list.

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Practice Makes Perfect[/url] by The U.S. Army, on Flickr


TWiT Photo, Episode 24: Alex Koloskov and liquid photography – one of the worlds leading professional product photographers, Alex Koloskov, shares with us two just incredible images, one taken under pressure in less than 10 minutes; all the time while being on the TWiT episode live.  Links are available to take the visitor to a video tutorial on how he does this style of work, and is sure to amaze everyone.

Cloned Self Portraits: How I Do It – this incredible blog post is not new this week, but hit our radar and we thought it was a fabulous tutorial well worth sharing with a wider audience here.  A very complex and tricky method is discussed by Viveca Koh, describing in great detail how to go about creating this very different and interesting style of imagery.

Got Milk? Pt. 2 – Hansrico Photography shares a truly stunning photograph of the milky way at night, and also delivers a great video tutorial on how to achieve these results.  This is great material and will have you out and about in the middle of the night with a camera bag full of goodies, just looking for the right spot.

How to add drama to a plain picture – a great tutorial on adding a touch of drama to studio photography work.  Great details and examples show us how to apply this technique and is well worth the time to read.

Photographing Fall Colors – leading landscape photographers Varina and Jay Patel deliver a beautiful set of autumn photographs, and share some tips and tricks about how to achieve similar results in your work.  Well worth the time to read, to say the least!

Montage – a great tutorial for photographers for Photoshop.  Layers, layer masks and blending are all highlighted in this video.


ECVB – Organ Pipes – Mark Blundell delivers an absolutely breathtaking 360* panorama shot composed of 162 individual images; one of the highlights of the weeks list.  This industrial urbex presentation is unlike anything widely seen before and is absolutely guaranteed to amaze!

In The Beginning… – world-class photographer and writer Tom Dinning shares with us a poignant and profound piece sure to stir the human being within us all.  Extremely inspirational and a call to action this blog is sure to speak to the passion found in incredible imagery.

Flies Are Good For Something – dramatic results from macro photography can be something wonderful to behold in the world of photography.  This week, our very own Light Stalking forum has a thread posted with some of the best macro shots of flies we’ve ever seen.  For us Toads, flies are definitely both interesting and a great source of food…  can someone please pass the BBQ sauce?

On the Level – tilted horizons can sometimes drive photographers a little crazy in terms of composition, but sometimes they can also be used as a tool to share a vision.  Jon Rendell shares with us a fabulous series of shots taken in San Francisco with a tilted horizon, producing some really compelling results, well worth the time to view!!

Downtown Morning Light – a wonderful and colorful picture taken in the morning as the sun rises in Baltimore.  Jimi Jones captures a wonderful architectural study and beautiful sunrise in one picture for us all to enjoy.

A Real Cowboy – Jim Nix delivers a powerful and personal portrait of a true cowboy.  This great photograph is utterly compelling in nature, with an awesome expression on the face of the cowboy, well worth the time to view!

Perching Great Grey Owl – an absolutely astonishing shot of a beautiful owl, portrait-style.  One has to wonder what it takes to get these owls to sit still for a photo.

Asylum Children’s Ward – this wonderful creation from the studio of Viveca Koh is an amazing look into the derelict remains of a now abandoned asylum in the UK.  Viveca’s stunning work in both the vision and execution of this piece are sure to amaze everyone.

Glass Canopy – Len Saltiel delivers an absolutely compelling study of architecture and lines.  A crystal clear image with fabulous lines to pull the viewers eye through the frame creates an absolutely stunning result.

Stormy Skies at Pemaquid Point – another incredible image from the studios of Len Saltiel.  This one has it all going on; dramatic and brooding skies, a jagged shoreline and the most beautiful lighthouse standing sentinel on the far hills.

Dolphin at Disney – Michael Glover shares with us an absolutely incredible pair of images.  The awesome lighting fixture at the Dolphin Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida becomes the perfect subject and the results are both colorful and incredibly detailed.

Storming – another jaw-droppingly awesome photograph from the studios of Scott Frederick.  A pair of stacked ND filters allow for super long shutter speeds to facilitate a contrast between absolute clarity of the jutting pier into the ocean and coming storm, and the powerful and whisp-like waves that crash about the entire scene.

Double Trouble – Chris Frailey shares a truly incredible late season lightning strike.  This crisp and beautiful photograph delivers a powerful and booming pair of bolts, definitely worth the time to view.

O dark dark dark.  They all go into the dark. – such fabulous textures and dark corners!  Mark Garbowski shares a gloomy and dramatic picture that goes on for infinity, punctuated with some prose from T.S. Eliot.

Goodnight Irene – as hurricane Irene leaves the area, Steve Beal takes the opportunity to document the immediate aftermath on the shore.  In the distance, a man scours the beach with a metal detector, really adding some further interest.

Colorful Canyon – a beautiful and abstract piece based on an expansive canyon.  Jason Hines once again turns something captured in nature and creates a wonderful fine art image.

Ladybug and Nature's “Bling” – an incredible macro photograph of a beautiful little ladybug, covered in dewdrops!  Kerri Farley shares a picture sure to take your breath away and is guaranteed to delight everyone.

Glowing interior… – the Old St Paul’s Church in Wellington (New Zealand’s capital) becomes the subject of this image, producing a warm and beautiful picture of some incredible local wood.  The stained glass adds further drama and interest to the image, producing a true work of art.

Rusty Pillars – who knew that something so unremarkable as, well, rusty pillars could be so enthralling.  From behind the lens of Jim Denham, however, this subject suddenly becomes the source of a truly great image.

Downstream – a fabulous and unique perspective gives us a different viewpoint of living downstream.  Steve Beal shares a totally different point of view with this incredible picture, definitely worth the time to view!

Crash. – sometimes one word says it all, and the image actually does the rest of the talking.  This is a great example of such, a simple image done in black and white delivers the power and force of Mother Nature contrasted with textured and detailed surrounding rock faces.

After Glow – Curt Fleenor delivers a subtle yet very powerful monochrome image using a guitar as a subject.  The power and emotion in this perfectly composed picture really create a compelling image.

Crashdown – resident storm chaser extraordinaire Mike Olbinski shares with us another just jaw-dropping lightning photograph.  This time, a tower stands in the foreground, creating a striking subject that adds a jolt of drama to this great image.

Shade & Response – this picture has it all; gorgeous colors in the sky, solitary subjects creating a lot of drama and a beautiful reflection to just top it all off. Gareth Glynn Ash delivers a stunning and compelling photograph in this post, one surely to delight everyone.


among friends.[/url] by Casey David, on Flickr

Farewell Hero – a poignant and profound blog post by Edith Levy really delivers a strong message through the use of incredible photography.  Sure to leave everyone touched, this post is a must-read for one and all.

A Piece of American History – the foundation of the industrial revolution in the United States produces a striking black and white subject.  This incredible image showcases a factory that was built as the country was beginning to emerge, and definitely takes us back in time.

One Day In Paris – Lee Brown shares a few images taken in Paris, France during their recent stay.  These incredible photographs are full of color and interest and really bring the viewer to this iconic city during sunset to take in the sights quite wonderfully!

Stay With Me – Scott Black shares with us a poignant nature portrait.  A pair of lions share a moment together in their natural habitat.  The processing used in this picture really brings all the emotion out from these two glorious cats.

Back in Five Minutes – the conservatory at the Bellagio in Las Vegas provides a truly wonderful subject for photography, and Jason Hines grabs an exquisitely composed image to share with us all!  Colorful, vibrant, fun and full of life, this picture is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Anchors Aweigh – a truly powerful image from the studio of Chris DeAngelis taken of a aircraft carrier as it’s docked with the big city in the background.  Awesome lighting and shadows really help to create the drama in the image, producing something that is absolutely unique and striking.

Exploring – following the less is more credo of image creation, Heather Neil delivers a series of black and white image taken during a recent exploration.  The monochrome processing style really brings out a sense of drama and questioning in these images, each will leave you fulfilled and yearning for more.

Monday – a profound and poignant photo post from Mark Garbowski.  Ominous and yet hopeful, the combination of the picture with the blog post really combines to create an emotionally-charged offering.

Gone Fishing – a perfect combination of a boiling sky, a rocky outcrop and some stark trees combine to deliver an image of solitude and longing.  Fabulous composition really adds a punch of drama to this black-and-white image from the studio of Andy Gimino.

McWay Falls – a stunning piece from Mark Gvazdinskas showcases a waterfall in the most exquisite surroundings.  The beach and shoreline jut in to create a bay where a gorgeous sky adds lovely tones to help create a strong overall scene.

White Handed Giddons – this gallery contains a small set of images of primate looking animals.  Meg Rousher produces perfectly composed pictures with fabulous details that are truly compelling to take in.

R.R. – Chris Frailey delivers a compelling image, composed (and well done so, we might add!) of a set of railroad tracks.  The leading lines are fabulous, but so is the textures evident in the rail ties and the steel rails themselves.  Definitely an image worth a look!

Contemplative Coffee – a great candid street shot from the studio of Chris Nitz that shares the emotion and feeling of someone enjoying a cup of coffee and contemplating life.  Fabulous processing brings the subject and all the drama of the scene to the forefront.

Photographic Therapy – a wonderful and beautiful landscape shot of running water produces the most striking subject for Jerry Denham to capture.  Coupled with a great write-up outlining the therapeutic value of water photography, this post is sure to make everyone pause and reflect on life and the nature that surrounds us.

Cabinet Post – sometimes the simplest things produce the most incredible results.  Mike Victorino shares with us an image of a fence post with a great depth of focus that really is a stunning picture.

Abandoned Barn – black and white processing brings all the drama out of this scene and produces a truly incredible image.  Tom Barnett shares with us an image of an abandoned barn that is sure to leave everyone yearning for answers to some questions.

1957 Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon – lines, tones and colors… this photograph has it all!  A study in historical car design, this image by James Howe also creates an abstract image through the composition employed.  Awesome shot, well worth the time to view!

Malden Mills – the master of historical architectural studies, Bob Lussier, delivers a truly incredible image.  Black and white processing serves to bring a strong sense of nostalgia to the scene, and coupled with perfect composition, this picture truly delivers a strong sense of scale to the viewer.

Hinged – a minimalistic yet complete image from Mike Olbinski shares a deep sense of melancholy and nostalgia with the processing used to create it.  An absolutely satisfying image to take in, this picture is absolutely top drawer.

Magnificent Kauai – a gorgeous seaside landscape photograph from the studio of Erik Kerstenbeck gives us a sense of beauty and serenity.  Great colors and tones round out this shot, resulting in an absolutely stunning photograph.

The grasshopper with the beautiful red legs… – rarely rendered speechless, I somehow find myself without words while viewing this set!  Incredible details are present in the grasshopper, producing a set of images so very crisp and clear.  This is an absolute must-see blog post!

Doe and Fawn – most definitely a picture that will make you go “aww”, this pair of lovely deer pose for the camera, producing a truly emotional piece.  Incredible faces and details combine here to deliver something absolutely wonderful.

NYC At Night – a really wonderful photograph from Jerry Orbe shows us a water fountain at night in New York City.  Great lighting and details combine to deliver a truly wonderful photograph.

Wurlitzer – once again a truly incredible image from the studio of Scott Frederick.  An old abandoned hospital provides the setting, an old tired and weathered Wurlitzer is the subject.  The results are truly both melancholy and absolutely dramatic, well worth the time to check out.

Costa Rica – in heavens backyard, the skies open and the wrath of the Gods descend upon all who live below.  A truly awesome image taken in Costa Rica of an approaching storm leaves one feeling slightly small and insignificant.

The Lion King – a truly awesome portrait of natures king as he sits and looks over his kingdom.  A truly wonderful photograph full of emotion and color, sure to amaze everyone.

Silk Spinner – two fabulous images of a spider from the studio of Aaron Barlow both delight and creep us out here today.  Great details in the close-up brings us right to the action, producing just incredible details of this creature to take in.

Chopped For Comfort – another just incredible shot from Chris Nitz delivers a dramatic and compelling image of a custom chopper motorcycle.  Great details and processing work together to create some absolutely incredible imagery, well worth the time to view!


Into the Light…[/url] by ChR!s H@rR!0t, on Flickr

The Indiana Statehouse – great colors, tones and details converge in this image to deliver a powerful and beautiful interior architectural study of an iconic statehouse.  Jim Nix exquisitely composed and captured this photograph, and it is sure to delight everyone who pops by to see it.

The Strand – beautiful lighting in conjunction with an almost abandoned section of town come together for the studio of Jim Denham to create and deliver a truly dramatic and melancholy scene.  Great details work together in this image and the results are just incredible.

Fallen – a stunning, stunning dramatic image from Rich Helmer shares with us a scene of a lonely tree fallen on a ridge.  Great tones in the sky really add a strong sense of loneliness further adding to the overall sensation of viewing this awesome image.

Crossness Pumping Station – a pair of really awesome photos from the studio of Viveca Koh shares with us a scene that is only accessible to the public once a year.  After a long wait to enter the facility, Viveca and Mark go about their photography magic to produce a pair of images that are absolutely incredible.

Hummingbird 2011 – a truly awesome study in nature photography, this gorgeous image of a little hummingbird perched is full of details to truly enjoy!  Rhonda Holcomb captures and shares an image so crisp and sharp, you can totally see the glint in the eye of our little feathered-friend here!

Bad Bentheim – a stunning set of images from what I believe is the Netherlands, these landscape photos take us on a journey far away from where we are to truly enjoy the surroundings.  Great compositions serve to really give the viewer a strong taste of life and the sights that are so prominent in this wonderful place in the world.

Scapes + HDR – an absolutely incredible series of images all shot and processed in HDR.  Pawel Tomaszewicz delivers a compelling set that sometimes appears to come from another time and place, but will surely delight everyone who enjoys great imagery.

Misery – wow, this melancholy and utterly dramatic scene taken from inside an abandoned and dilapidated penitentiary is full of textures and details.  A great, crisp image, sure to share the true sense of the location.

Dirty Paani – fabulous bokeh in this picture creates so much interest in an abstract way, with incredible sparkles of light diffused through water drops.  Beautiful colors and lighting complete the scene, creating a truly compelling photograph to enjoy.

Got Cable? – a scene not typically witnessed on our side of the world, a plethora of wiring challenges and resolutions provide themselves to the good folks in Rome.  Erik Kerstenbeck shares a truly fascinating and interesting photograph of this area.

Ram It! – a pair of really awesome photos of a ram on the run!  Jason Hines risks life and limb in the lonely desert to capture this pair of incredible images.

Day 263 September 20th – a wonderful photo of a bird in a tree casts a silhouette against the sky.  Both dramatic and slightly abstract, this image is incredible to view.

Paris Las Vegas at Twilight – a wonderful scenic shot from a hotel room overlooking the iconic Las Vegas area.  Chris Wray shares a a stunning image that is full of detail, as well as producing a strong sense of scale.


My Passion / Meine Leidenschaft[/url] by Skley, on Flickr

Owl – such a stunning an incredible photograph of an owl from a master nature photographer.  Bev delivers a compelling portrait of this beautiful bird with such great clarity, you can almost read it’s mind!

Leuchtturm auf Texel – a wonderfully evocative and colorful image of a landscape.  A lighthouse sits on the hill producing a striking subject to capture and share.

Waltham Watch – a poignant and profound image and blog posting today from the studio of Bob Lussier shares with us a fabulous image of a family heirloom.  The story to accompany the picture is utterly compelling and touching, and the photograph itself is just stunning; well worth the time to view and read.

Bethesda Fountain Infrared – Mark Garbowski delivers another compelling infrared shot from a park in NYC.  Colorful and detailed, with an almost otherworldly look, this picture is just absolutely stunning.

The Milky Way from the Himalayas – a pair of profound images of the Milky Way are combined with a brief story of how the pictures came to be.  Truly thought-provoking and inspirational, these will surely make everyone self-reflective.


Food for Thought: Hungry in New Mexico – a new blog from an absolutely incredible photographer, Jim Hunter, that showcases a really wonderful cause to get behind.  His new project is just getting off the ground and we are looking forward to following along as the story unfolds.

The Climate Reality Project–Are these natural disasters caused by climate change? – the explosion of a Chilean volcano creates the setting for this amazing set of photographs.  The results of this natural disaster are documented and shared in this blog post.

Street portraits with a Rolleiflex 2.8f – a fabulous series of square-crop street portraits shot in blank-and-white.  Powerful and poignant, this is a wonderful set of photographs to enjoy.

BMW R7 Prototype, 1937 – a stunning series of images of a very rare BMW prototype motorcycle from 1937.  Restored and subsequently photographed, this set of photographs is just amazing.

Our HDR photography: one more thing we love doing – Alex Koloskov shares with everyone a series of just jaw-droppingly incredible HDR landscape photos.  With his new pending book on how to shoot this style of photography, of which I am sure we’ll be picking up a copy, this post is a perfect way to wet our appetites for more!

The Mountains That Made the Man – National Geographic is hosting a series of images from the studio of Peter Essick that are an intended tribute to Ansel Adams.  A wonderful set of black and white images taken in the area named in his honor, this tribute is a fitting one and well worth the time to view.

Taking Ballet To The Streets – an absolutely fascinating series of images rendered in the most artistic fashion to create thought for filling space, sometimes in the least expected places and ways.  Paul Caridad delivers a stunning post complete with a truly incredible set of photographs, well worth the time to view.

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