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As another wonderful week passes us by, Toad Hollow Photography has been looking everywhere online for the very best links to tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share here.  This week's list has a few tutorials and a set of special features that are really amazing.  As always, a comprehensive list of links to great photography is sure to keep the avid photography fan busy for some time, and we wrap up this week's list with a few hand selected blogs of interest.  We really hope you enjoy seeing these pieces from truly amazing artists as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.


Balancing Flash and Ambient Light In A Restaurant – this incredibly interesting tutorial discusses briefly the theory and practice behind creating well-balanced food photographs in restaurant settings.  A small set of sample photographs illustrating the key points makes it really easy to grasp the concepts discussed, inspiring us all to grab our cameras and head for our favorite eatery.

Three Different Ways to Correct for Backlighting – a great video tutorial lasting about five minutes discusses three different ways to combat the effects of strong backlighting.  This presentation is delivered in a very easy to follow manner, with example photographs along the way, really showing the three unique methods and the results you can expect from them.


Alone In Iceland – A Beautiful Time Lapse Showing The Country – a hauntingly unique and beautiful look at the lonely landscapes of Iceland, produced and delivered in this time lapse video creation by André Öberg.  It’s amazing to think of the effort that went into its creation, and the results really show this; prepare to be amazed!

Mesmerizing Photos of Cenote Angelita, an Underwater River – if you’ve never heard of this place and the phenomenon it holds, this post is absolutely guaranteed to leave you amazed beyond words.  Anatoly Beloshchin takes us below the surface to witness an incredible sight, one that creates imagery of the natural world well beyond description, almost seeming to come from another planet entirely.  An eight minute video presentation takes the entire adventure to a much deeper level, make sure you don’t miss it!

Milky Way Timelapse – a dramatic and compelling look at the universe we live in showcases the natural beauty of the Milky Way at night.  Jason Hines uses the inherent drama in the landscape to deliver this short video presentation that shows us all just how amazing the unending universe really is.


Humpback Whale in Boundary Pass – Anne McKinnell finds herself right in the middle of a pretty exciting adventure out here on the West Coast of Canada.  As she floats in her boat amongst the islands and coves found here on the coast, she encounters an absolutely incredible humpback whale swimming about, and after a fashion it came really close to her.  She came away with a terrific series of images, well worth the time for a visit to see for yourself!

Stump At Lion’s Levee – Jim Denham finds a really interesting stump of the shores of the river, underneath the colorful and vibrant skies from a pending sunset.  Gentle waves from a passing boat create terrific natural lines that lead the viewer through the frame comfortably, with great clouds for added drama and the silhouette of trees across the water.

Carmel Mission – Edith Levy captures a great shot of a very old mission in California.  Edith’s photograph is full of textures and details, allowing the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the setting and enjoy the intricate details in this old church.

Summer Whisper – wonderful colors from the last vestiges of light from the day grace the sky in great tones, gently highlighting the incredible landscape seen below it.  Andy Gimino’s view of the Vermont landscape really comes to life in this beautiful photograph.

Summer retro – if you like nostalgia, especially when it is expressed in retro-style neon signage, this post is most certainly for you.  Derrick Birdsall finds and photographs a real classic rendition of this, creating an image that immediately takes the viewer back to a time when hot rods and sock hops were all the rage.

Emerald lake – the incredible beauty of this natural setting is explored in a photograph by César Asensio Marco.  Indescribable colors and tones in the fading day’s light converge with the epic natural beauty of the setting to deliver a stunning photograph.

Capitol Morning – really gorgeous colors in the sky as the sun begins to make its daily appearance work in harmony with the dramatic and strong architecture of the US Capitol in this shot created by Metro DC Photography.  The still waters in the pool in the foreground create a striking mirror reflection of the building and accents, making for an incredible picture.

Bee’s Breakfast – local photographer and friend Joseph de Lange creates a really interesting image of a group of bees working away on a beautiful flower.  The details and composition work together to deliver a mesmerizing shot that is hard to take your eyes off of as we get a peek of one of Mother Nature’s most important factories at work.

One Last Cast – roving photographer Jordan Oram shares a single shot and a series of profound thoughts.  Wooden pilings on the west coast of Canada create striking subjects under the deepening blue of the sky as the daylight fades, making for incredible silhouettes under a cloudy and dramatic sky.

Capreolus capreolus – great expression in candid nature photography can be found in the animals as they go about their daily lives.  Milan Kapusta captures a terrific shot of a deer looking back at the camera with a wonderful facial expression, making this shot an instant hit in this week’s list.

Small shack – this amazing photograph is the pure definition of a study in natural weathering over time.  Diane Frey delivers an incredible piece in this shot that features incredible details, the direct result of decay over time.  The inherent character in the old shack left behind tells it’s own story, one sure to leave the viewer with an indelible sense of wonder in the tension expressed.

Now listen to me! – a parent brown bear appears to be vocalizing its displeasure to it’s young cub in this absolutely mesmerizing shot by Patrick Bakkum.  You can literally feel the raw emotion in both the parent and the young one with the incredible detail that Patrick has captured.  The perfect composition on this shot adds so much, making it hard to take your gaze away from a scene full of raw tension.

spitfire in for repairs – terrific details are explored in this shot that finds us staring at a wonderful example of a vintage Spitfire airplane, as shot by david stoddart.  The added vignette draws the viewer right into the heart of the frame where we get to take in all the clear elements that add great dimension to the picture.

River Colors – CJ Schmit creates a stunning image, showcasing the terrific architecture and accompanying details seen as one looks down the Milwaukee River.  The soft reflections in the moving water reflect back the colors of the lit buildings, and the shoreline creates a perfect natural leading line to guide the viewer through the frame.

John Blair Kitchen – a terrific post that shares a view of American life in the mid to late 1600’s, featuring one of the iconic heritage homes in Colonial Williamsburg.  Mark Summerfield’s post showcases the epic interest in the old architecture of the home as well as some of the historic details that add dimension to the pictures.

BOOM! – a vibrant flower captured by Gareth Glynn Ash using a deliciously shallow depth-of-focus delivers a picture that is both beautiful and mesmerizing at the same time.  A certain effect is created in the way Gareth captured and created this picture, really giving off a strong sense of a color explosion on the screen of the viewer.

seeing red pt. 4 and a receipt – humor and incredible imagery converge in this great post from oneowner that showcases a series of themed images and discusses something of personal interest.  The pictures all reveal specific details with distinct red tones taken of various bits of cars.  The anecdotal thoughts discuss receipts.  Let me know if you manage to work it all out.

The gate – a great piece expressing wonderful tones and colors in the sky play with the rickety and undulating remaining form of a wooden pier in Portugal.  Jorge Maia uses the pier to form a terrific leading line, guiding you through the frame, under the gate and out into a vanishing point full of artistic tension.

Hamilton Pool – Evan Gearing takes us inside a grotto in Texas where his use of HDR photography delivers a balanced image full of details and textures.  As the water falls off the ledge in front of Evan, the wonderful details in the cave and the surrounding landscape work together in perfect unison to create a truly captivating piece to view and enjoy.

The Road Not Taken – I love great vanishing points, and this fabulous shot by Curt Fleenor definitely delivers on that.  A gravel winding road that leads up into the mountains is composed and captured in this shot that delivers great interest in the way the ribbon of road makes its way through the lush green vegetation that makes up the surrounding countryside.

Dogwood Curtain – beautiful colors and tones work together with the blooming trees to create a picture full of great tension and beauty in this shot captured and created by Rachel Cohen.  Rachel’s manipulation of the color pallette is truly sympathetic to the feel she is expressing, delivering something that is truly a joy to see in a very special image.

Here’s another option – an abandoned trailer in the middle of a clearing makes for a photography subject far too good to pass up for Melinda Green Harvey.  Her whimsical insights into the trailer and the town that it calls home add a great layer of both humor and context, adding a wonderful dimension to this post.

Vertically Challenged – this great shot from Tim Stanley shows off the incredible architecture in the city of Houston, Texas.  Great contrast creates fabulous depth and dimension to this shot, accenting the details in the city and the buildings that call it home.


Q&A: What Should You Do If Your Photos Have Been Infringed? – a detailed and interesting look into the concept of photography copyrights is explored in this post that features a Q&A session with copyright lawyer Carolyn E. Wright.  Whether you’re proactively working on copyrighting your work, or if you’ve encountered a breach, this article is sure to be interesting.

RAK #17 by Thomas Leuthard, on Flickr

Behind the Scenes with Annie Leibovitz for Disney Dream Portrait – this two minute video presentation takes us behind the scenes while iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz does the magic she’s so well known for, this time creating an absolutely amazing Disney photograph.  Glimpses into her location setup add depth to the video, particularly for those who practice this genre of photography.

An underground photography mission – an amazing look into a world that we’ve never have a chance to see if not for the photography and bravery of Mohammed Salem.  This great post shares the details of the lives of those who work in these secret underground places, and we also get to see some really dramatic shots of the tunnels as they are actively worked on.

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