What You May Not Know About Photoshop

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The brothers Knoll. It sounds like the title of an independent movie, yet, Thomas and John Knoll were an instrumental part in the rapid rise of digital photography and also to Apple Mac’s being an integral part of many photographer’s lives.

Their software is now used as a verb in much the same way we “Google” something. We are talking about, of course, Photoshop and today we are going to take a little journey down memory lane to see where this important part of imaging history came from and how it developed. There are many things you may not yet know, so brace yourselves and take some time to digest this…

Genesis, Display & ImagePro 

In the mid-1980’s Thomas Knoll wrote a program to display grey scale images on his newly acquired Macintosh Plus. His brother John worked at the famous effects studio, Industrial Light, and magic was struck by how similar this simple imaging program was to the high-end software that Industrial Light were using.

John bought a newly released Macintosh II with it’s color display and persuaded Thomas to rewrite his app to deal with color images. They named this app, rather unoriginally, Display.

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