Polaroid’s Back Again with the New Polaroid Now


Polaroid is one of those brands that has nostalgia appeal without limit it seems, and the combination of The Impossible Project with the Polaroid brand into a new company required a new product to celebrate the company’s “rebirth.”

polaroid now
Photo by Polaroid Now from Polaroid.

Meet the Polaroid Now, an affordable, $USD 99 instant film camera from the venerable brand that changed the game back in the day but which faltered in ensuing decades.

Presented in a form factor that should be familiar to anyone who has ever owned a Polaroid camera, the Polaroid Now's sleek, modern design comes in a variety of colors including white, black, and blue, among others.

One unique innovation that Polaroid has developed with its instant film is the addition of new sheets that have various 1980s throwback color tones going on with them. You don’t have to settle for the classic white border, though that’s still an option. The camera has a timer, allows for double exposure, and an autofocus 2-lens system.

From the Polaroid Now’s product page, “Point, shoot, and keep: it’s that simple with the Polaroid Now. This series is an evolution of the original Polaroid OneStep cameras from the ‘70s that made photography effortless for everyone. The Now takes that simplicity and adds greater creative control, clean design, and vibrant color to make it more than a moment maker — but a life accessory.”

polaroid now
Photo by Polaroid Now from Polaroid.
polaroid now
Photo by Polaroid Now from Polaroid.

As you know if you've read this blog for some time, Polaroid is enjoying a renaissance thanks to the fervor for all things 1980s. The company even did a tie-in product with the popular Netflix show Stranger Things.

What do you think of Polaroid’s return? Does the Polaroid Now look like something you would be interested in purchasing? Let us know your thoughts on this product in the comments section below.

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