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Light Stalking has grown into a thriving community with close to a million people following us or seeing us online in one form or other, every month. In all of the hullabaloo, it’s easy to miss the core of what’s happening in photography on Light Stalking. So that’s why we decided to sum it up for you. Here’s what you missed recently on Light Stalking.

Photo of the Week

circus music

Congratulations to David Chesterfield for this whimsical photo of the week!  David can also be found on his Flickr.  You can comment on his photo here.

The Most Popular Stories from the Last 7 Days

98 Awesome Photography Links That You Won't Want to Miss – Toad Hollow Photography brings you a weekly list of the best photos, photography tutorials and photo blogs on the internet.  This week, read about the neutral density reference chart, using Photoshop Elements for HDR, and protecting your photographs from copyright theft.  Featured collections this week include a journey to North Korea, amazing night photos and beautiful modern ruins.  Also, check out some other special features, photos and blogs all hand-culled by Toad Hollow Photography.

9 Essential Tips to Conquer Available Light Photography – Some would argue that shooting in available light would include shooting in the midday sun, but in reality available light mostly means low-light.  Some photographers only shoot in available light by creative choice, and others only as a last resort.  Whatever your preference in this matter, sooner or later you will find yourself not wanting to miss a great shot that requires you to forgo artificial light sources.  This article gives some great tips on making the most of the light.

7 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Portraits – It can seem counterintuitive that outdoor portrait photography should require a lot of lighting consideration.  After all, there is already an abundance of gorgeous natural light.  However, getting the light right does require some basic knowledge.  Also, paying attention to other aspects of your outdoor shots, which are pretty universal to portrait photography in general, is important.  Specifically, focusing on the eyes, paying attention to background elements and shooting in RAW are discussed.

10 Creative Nature Photography Compositions and How They Were Taken – What Makes a Good Photograph?  Clearly there is no simple answer to this question.  However, besides the obvious emotional impact of the subject matter and mood, composition is what really makes a photograph stand out and create an immediate impact on the viewer.  This series of photos along with explanations of compositional aspects that make them work, will likely inspire and instruct budding nature photographers.

What You Missed in the Light Stalking Community

Submit your photo to this week’s photography challenge – Fast!  This one is left up to you to interpret.  What does fast mean to you?  Show us your “fast” photos.

We have had some great responses to our last few photography challenges on the forum.  Last week’s photography challenge was Warmth!– It doesn't matter if you are in the midst of a blazing summer heat or in a blizzard, warmth is likely on your mind.  What does warmth mean to you visually?  There are so many possibilities with this one, so show us photos you have that convey a sense of warmth.

Also, check out the Impressionism! challenge from the week before.  How would you recreate classic impressionism through the lens?

Other Weekly Photography Challenges:

View this week’s Mobile Monday Challenge.  Photos submitted must be taken on, and any editing done on a mobile device.

We’d love to chat with you! Add your opinions here:

•Those Eyes

•Foggy Winter Morning

•One of those “Oh Wow!” moments


•What's your favorite situation to shoot in?

What Are Our Members Up To?

We have some amazing members here at Light Stalking that run the gamut from career professional photographers through to beginner enthusiast. Here’s what a few of them are up to in photography.

Great Shots Uploaded to the Light Stalking Community


Photo by Alison McDonald.

woman turning fast



Photo by Mike Dean.  He can also be found on his blog and Flickr.

black and white burgers

Photo by lgal, who can also be found on Flickr.

If you’re not already part of the Light Stalking community then come and join the fun. We promise not to bite!

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