Pro Members Only So Far: 500px Announces Portfolio Website Service


Photographers might have another option for their portfolios soon – at least, if they are signed up for 500px’s Pro-level membership.

Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels.

The newly announced “Portfolio” aims to give photographers everything they could ever need in a website and with as minimal fuss as possible.

Sounds nice, right? Or like some of the many other offerings out there.

So what is Portfolio exactly? From the newsroom on 500px itself:

“Portfolio is a website builder designed and built just for photographers. Whether you’re an existing 500px member or new to the platform, you can have a custom website up and running in minutes (we’re not just saying that, it literally takes minutes). Portfolios allows you to share your work externally, without any 500px branding so you can build your own brand and market yourself as a photographer.”

Some of the features and benefits 500px outlines include a simple setup, photography-optimized templates, mobile-ready designs, and even a dark mode for visitors to your archive. You also get a custom domain, integration with the wider 500px ecosystem, and even analytics to help deliver actionable data on your Portfolio’s traffic. Of course, none of this requires any coding knowledge whatsoever and the cost of the Portfolio website itself is included in the Pro-level membership.

In terms of a target audience, the Portfolio service is really aiming at a general demographic including new photographers and those looking to add to their current array of online outlets. The primary selling points are simplicity, easy maintenance, and integration with 500px it seems.

Do you use 500px? Are you a Pro-level member? Would this portfolio service make you consider upgrading your account? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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