Production Issues Spurs Temporary Suspension of Orders for Some Nikon Products


Some production issues are hitting a range of Nikon products with the company pausing orders in response until supply can catch up with demand.

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The products facing a temporary suspension are: Power connector EP-5A, Power connector EP-5B, Power Battery Pack MB-N11, and AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f / 4.5-5.6E ED VR, Nikon Rumors reports.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining to this cloud and that comes in the form of some products formerly unavailable for orders that are now back online.

“Notice regarding resumption of acceptance of orders for ‘Hot Shoe Adapter AS-15,’ ‘TTL Dimming Code SC-29,’, and ‘AC Adapter EH-5d.’

Regarding the ‘Hot Shoe Adapter AS-15,’ ‘TTL Dimming Code SC-29,’ and ‘AC Adapter EH-5d,’ which have been temporarily suspended from accepting orders, after Saturday, October 2, 2021 We are pleased to inform you that we will resume accepting orders.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers over the long term.
We will continue to strive to improve our services, and we appreciate your continued patronage.”

Again, if you were looking for the Hot shoe adapter AS-15, TTL dimming code SC-29, or AC adapter EH-5d, you can now place an order for those items.

Shortages largely seem to be in the battery and adapter categories though we have reported on numerous product delays, production stoppages, and more as COVID-19 factory shutdowns, etc. have brought many industries to this point. Not only are many optical products in short supply, but so are electronic devices and even larger products like cars. Every analyst we’ve read doesn’t expect this situation to start working itself out and resuming some kind of state of normalcy until next year at least.

Are you planning on making purchases sooner rather than later because of all of the delays/production stoppages/shortages going on in the world? Let us know your thoughts on the supply chain and production issues impacting the industry in the comments below.

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