In just a few hours, you can create a photography showpiece.

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The ultimate in learning photography by shooting.

Any photographer knows the satisfaction of getting a keeper. The beauty of the scene… the precision of the composition and the satisfaction of having people recognise it as a great photo - these are the true pleasures you get to experience when you complete our photography Projects.

As you complete each photography Project, you will notice how the compositions are balanced… how the lighting powers the scene without being distracting and how the difference between a snapshot and a photograph is truly at your fingertips. We arrange each Project to contain the precise information any professional works with when shooting in the same genre. Each Project has full camera settings and easy-to-follow lighting maps meaning every major piece of the puzzle is laid out for you.

"I think this is a terrific idea as it provides not only motivation but also direction and technique." - Graham Hart

Begin your grounding in each photography genre for only $20 per month when you join Light Stalking Projects.

As a Projects member, you will receive a new photography genre Project each and every week though you are not obligated to continue.

Each Project has everything you need for a keeper

Individually, these Projects usually retail for $30 each (Only when we make them available), but as a member, you get:

  • 1 x Detailed Weekly Photo Project
  • 1 x Full Length Photography Tutorial for your Library
  • 1 x Question Worksheet to Cement Your Knowledge
  • 2 x Cheat Sheets to Hone Down on Specific Parts of the Project

All Fully Printable

Each Weekly Photo Project Consists of 5 Downloads Including:

1 Photography Project

bw project x

Our project document covers essential shooting techniques, helps you with lighting and teaches you how to edit your images. Everything from camera settings to lighting maps!

1 Detailed Tutorial + 1 Questions Worksheet

article questions x

After reading an tutorial that thoroughly covers a certain topic, you can answer the questions in the worksheet. This will help you cement your knowledge on the challenge.

2 Cheat Sheets

cheat sheets x

Cheat sheets will help you set your camera properly and give you some useful hints and tips on specific topics. These are chosen in relation to the main challenge so you can pinpoint exact results.

What does a Project contain?

Each Project document is about 4 or 5 pages taking you from idea all the way through to post production so that you get a quick introduction to the core issues of a genre of photography quickly. They are great to print out and work with while you are shooting.

Quickly Know the Project Goal - Know the exact shot type we are aiming for with this particular Project. Clear and Concise.

Get Shot Summary - A Quick rundown of the shot type in case you are not familiar with it. This will quickly bring you up to speed.

See Genre Examples - Take a look at what other photographers have achieved with this shot type and what you can aim for. This cements the goal of the Project in your mind.

Things for you to Remember - Every shot type has a heap of "secrets" that a pro will probably know off by heart, but you may not have heard of. This is a list to bring you up to speed quickly.

Understand with Lighting Maps - These maps will show you exactly how you should be setting up your lighting and where it should be hitting your subject. These alone will get you a much better image and remove the mystery from many shot types for you.

Know the Exact Camera Settings - This will show you how you should be setting your camera for a classic version of the shot type of the Project.

See More Examples - If you follow the suggestions in the Project, you should be very close to getting some shots that look similar to the examples littered through the document.

Understand Additional Tips - A few brief tips designed to make sure you cover off the small problems you are likely to encounter in any photography genre.

Get a Post Production Summary - We will show you exactly where to start with a rundown of standard post production for the shot type of the Project.

Know the Exact Edits - Know exactly which sliders and edits you will likely have to start with when you are editing your Project shot.

Get Feedback - We want to see your work and help you along. Each document links straight to a place to post your image for critique!

With four full projects, that is $130 retail value each month!

Current Theme: Indoor Photography

Ends: September 19

You’d be amazed at the shots you can get right at home. We cover several images that you will want to hang on your wall. Grab our Indoor Photography Projects today.


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Experience the personal satisfaction of shooting a keeper on demand. Imagine the thrill of hanging a classic genre photograph on your family wall. Showing off an image that grabs people’s attention. Such photographs are among people’s most treasured possessions. You will have the chance to create one such classic image every week.

Each Light Stalking Project is laid out with every piece of information you need to start shooting professional level images. Full settings, full light maps, primary tips for the genre of the Project

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"This projects series can be lots of fun ... and provide some new inspiration and that’s what I’m also looking for."

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