21 Creative Pumpkin Photos


October is the season of pumpkins! Even if you're not into celebrating Halloween and carving pumpkins, you must have noticed how diverse pumpkins are in terms of colors, shape, and size. They are such great material for bold and colorful photographs. You can also combine them with other objects such as leaves or other fruits and vegetables, and create beautiful still-life shots.

Check out these 21 gorgeous pumpkin shots and use them as a source of inspiration for your own pumpkin photo session. To make your autumn shots and still-life photography even better, download this great e-book on creating rich & vibrant colors!

Photo by Annie Spratt
Photo by Maddy Baker
Photo by Davies Designs Studio
Photo by Katie Oh
Photo by Patrick Shore
Photo by Jon Tyson
Photo by Christophe Dion
Photo by Tessa Klingensmith
Photo by Mariah Hewines
Photo by Samuel Bryngelsson
Photo by Jimmy Conover

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Photo by Joanna Kosinska
Photo by Timothy Eberly
Photo by Lauren Jolicoeur
Photo by Debby Hudson
Photo by Frederic Dupont
Photo by Tim Mossholder
Photo by Andreas Brun
Photo by Jennifer Marquez
Photo by Jp Valery
Photo by Debby Hudson

Don't forget to make your pumpkin shots even more magical with our e-book on capturing vibrant colors!

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