29 Photos That Will Make You Want to Adopt a Puppy

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A dog is a man's best friend the old saying goes, but I think they are the best friend of everyone, not just man.  Dog's help bring families together, keep single people company and provide unbridled love without question to millions of owners.  Simply put, dogs help make our lives complete.
Possibly one of the best ways to bring a dog into your home is via adoption, so please consider contacting your local dog rescue to see how you can place a puppy in need of a home, with you and your family.  These 20 photos of puppies should be enough to make you want to adopt several!

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Photo By Rafael Acorsi

Día 2. bichon maltese puppies- 2 ????

Photo by *OKsana*

Pup Extreme Closeup #1

Photo by boxercab

Through the eyes of a puppy

Photo by Sebastián-Dario

Sueñito / Sleeping puppy

Photo by Sebastián-Dario

Look what I got for my birthday.  What should we name her?

Olive is today's Daily Puppy at DailyPuppy.com

Photo By Brian Hathcock


Photo by jinwesst

Photo by hexodus…


Photo by jasonedward

Blue Eyed Puppy

Photo by Big Grey Mare

Take off every 'zig' !!

Photo by hackett

Lucky "Lux" Jackson

Photo by joshuahoffmanphoto

Blue Eyes

Photo by Dan Barak

"All Puppies"

Photo by Lubs Mary.

Baxter Runs !

Photo by EricNixon


Photo by sarasculli

Pluto :9

Photo by Eve D.

Smiling Lacey

Photo by jelene

Time to wake up!!

Photo by le jardin public – CS Photo

Lazy afternoon

Photo by rogiro


Photo by fazen


Photo by danncer

Charlie 8 weeks old

Photo by Roozbeh Rokni


Photo by sarasculli

Honey & siblings - 7 weeks

Photo by Melissa Yeo


Photo by recompose

My favourite kind of puppy:

Photo by KayVee.INC

Come and play

Photo by Won-Tolla

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