RAISE a Glass to a New Online Photo Community from Canon USA


Instagram not your thing? Think Flickr has seen better days? Is Dropbox too isolated for your tastes?

Then Canon USA has a solution for you that combines an online photo community with storage options and AI-powered sorting mechanisms.

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Meet RAISE, Canon USA’s answers to the many, many online communities out there competing for your photography collection.

You can upload your images and then have Canon’s AI organize them for you. These photos can then be shared publicly or privately depending on your preferences. In a nod to Instagram and others, you can browse through images via a “personalized feed” per a report from DPReview.

So, you might be wondering, what exactly makes RAISE different and/or worth my time?

Canon USA really seems to be banking on the AI organizing technology to draw in photographers to its community. The AI basically puts your photos together into collections and auto-tags them based on a range of criteria including “subject, category, color, style, composition, and emotion.”

Canon USA President Kazuto Ogawa described the main spirit of RAISE being in collaboration and connection between photographers to improve their craft. Of course, that’s what nearly every online community devoted to anything says about itself so no points there for marketing speak.

The RAISE community does sound like an interesting concept though. Canon even detailed future plans of integrating it with Adobe CC somehow. And, in a nod to increasing concerns on the part of creatives that worry about rights to their work, Canon USA says all photos uploaded to RAISE will still belong to the photographer that uploaded them.

You can watch a video about the community here on YouTube.

What do you think about RAISE? Does it sound like something you’d be interested in or do you already have a photography community of choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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