The Return of Yashica – Kickstarter Project to Launch October 10, 2017

By Kehl Bayern / October 4, 2017

Is 2017 the year of the retro technology comeback?

That appears to be the case with the recent announcement of a return of Yashica cameras to the marketplace in a series of YouTube teasers posted to the company’s website.

Image via Yashica video on YouTube by Yashica

Legendary Japanese Camera Maker Teases Return in YouTube Videos

Yashica was a Japanese manufacturer of cameras from 1949 until about 2008 when parent company Kyocera sold the rights to Yashica cameras to a holding company based in Hong Kong.

According to PhotoRumors, Yashica now offers “2-in-1 110° 4K HD wide angle & 15X macro” camera lens for smartphones.

This could soon change, however, if the company’s teased Kickstarter, debuting on October 10, 2017, is successful. As PhotoRumors reports, the camera depicted in the released YouTube videos could be a prototype or a demo as it does not correspond to any currently known Yashica models.

You can visit Yashica’s website for more information on the upcoming Kickstarter as it becomes available by clicking here.

The Kickstarter will officially launch October 10th at 8pm JST, 1pm CEST, 11am UTC, and 7am EST.


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