Robot Photographer Does Wedding Gig, Goes Viral


The robots are invading…your photography gigs.

Specifically, a robot was just hired to be a wedding photographer in the UK and the world has not been the same since.

Image by Franck V

In what is a made-to-order viral story that appeared absolutely everywhere today, a couple in Warwickshire decided to hire a unique wedding photographer from England’s Service Robots.

Named Eva, the robot would roam around the wedding and snap photos with guests using facial recognition software to spot opportunities to take pictures.

In a Wall-E meets meets a Dalek made by Apple, Eva is “essentially a robotic photo booth that invites people to choose between a wide range of photo styles on the 23.8-inch touchscreen before shooting their portraits” according to PetaPixel.

Bride magazine interviewed the new married couple and got glowing reviews for Eva from the groom.

“This was a fantastic addition to our day and our guests are still talking about it…Eva went down a treat and really got people involved. It made a nice change from the normal photo booths,” he said.

If you like the photos that Eva takes you can either print them off right there at the venue or even share them to social media.

Service Robots see the Eva robot as the perfect replacement for the old-fashioned photo booth.

“People are less interested in traditional photo booths…They are looking for something new and memorable that will really make their event stand out. None of the guests at this wedding will ever forget their first encounter with a robot photographer and it will provide the happy couple with a lovely reminder of their special day,” the company said.

“[T]he robot is a great alternative to traditional photobooths, which are slowly going out of fashion…Hiring both a traditional photographer and a photobooth robot like Eva means newlyweds can look back on crisp, professional shots as well as more candid, fun and cheeky photographs taken with the robot’s help.”

You can check out the photography robot over on Service Robots' website.

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