Rumored Tamron Shift Away from Sony A-Mount Lenses Good News for Fujifilm Photographers?


In a move that is interpreted as a potential boon for Fujifilm users, longtime Japanese lens manufacturer (and Sony accompaniment) Tamron is rumored to be moving away from its Sony A-Mount lenses in order to focus on Sony E-Mount and Fuji X lenses according to Sony Alpha Rumors.

A Sony Alpha Rumors reader that attended the Digital Splash 2017 conference in Liverpool, United Kingdom wrote to the website that during the Sony presentation the following news headline was delivered, “…it is with a very heavy heart that Tamron have now ceased all future A-Mount lens development and instead are shifting focus to E-Mount and Fuji mount.”

Tamron’s shift away from Sony A-Mount lenses towards Sony E-Mount and Fuji X mirrorless systems systems would be big news for Fujifilm photographers according to The Phoblographer.

Tamron Sony E-Mount-Lens via

While using non-Sony branded lenses on Sony cameras is not typically an issue, leading to a robust selection of non-branded lenses and accessories, the selection for Fujifilm camera users is often on par, in terms of price or quality, with Fuji-branded offerings or, in other cases, completely non-existent.

The failed Zeiss Touit line of lenses is an example of how difficult it is for non-Fuji-branded lenses to find a viable market with Fuji camera users. Even with the brand power of the Zeiss name, the company was unable to gain a foothold in the Fujicamera lens market. The Phoblographer says this line failed primarily because “Fuji already had lenses at those focal lengths optically as good for cheaper.”

If Tamron entered the Fujifilm ecosystem of products, consumers would benefit from the expansion in choice of lenses from different manufacturers.

In terms of what line of lens Tamron could potentially develop for the Fuji camera market, a “Fuji and Sony APS-C lens system” seems ideal “because this would allow Tamron to effectively design one lens and sell it to both markets” according to The Phoblographer.

The potential for the expansion of lens offerings for Fujifilm photographers should have any Fuji camera user excited. It should be noted that this remains only a rumor.

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Mixed Feelings on this. Fuji is already producing some of the best glass on the market, so Tamron will need to produce even better quality glass, or sett it for vary low cost.

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