Rumors Describe Future iPhone with Three Cameras, Possible 3D Capabilities


Apple could soon join the growing ranks of smartphones slapping as many cameras on their front fascia as possible.

The latest calling card for being a high-end, expensive smartphone, adding cameras to headsets also has some benefits for the end consumer like 3D photo capabilities and the like.

That makes it no surprise that Apple is cooking up its own multi-camera next-gen phone.

Rumors are pointing to the next big Apple headset sporting a massive three-camera front module.

This, of course, is nothing novel in the world of smartphones but is something new for the Cupertino company.

PetaPixel cites rumors and renders based upon those rumors offered by Digit. Digit says of the three-camera iPhone: “The leaked renders reveal a square camera unit housing three cameras aligned non-linearly…There are two cameras aligned vertically, similar to the iPhone XS. The render reveals there will be a third camera placed between the two, on the side. Above that is an LED flash and a microphone on the bottom.”

Other rumors allege that Apple is not just planning one new iPhone this year but three. The three-camera model is likely the top-of-the-line version but no one is certain on anything so take that with a grain of salt.

Even older rumors stated that Apple wanted to add 3D camera capabilities to its flagship phones and it was even shopping around at Sony for the sensors.

A PetaPixel points out, Apple would be joining the likes of Samsung and Nokia. Samsung, for its part, announced at three-camera Galaxy A7 model back in September 2018 while Nokia is going a step further with a five-camera model called the 9 PureView.

What do you think of the arms race to add as many cameras as possible to smartphones? Ridiculous, or a savvy move on the part of manufacturers? Let us know in the comments.

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