27 Eerie Shots of Running Water

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Two things are for certain when you start photography: You will shoot train tracks and you will do long exposures with water.  Running water can create some beautiful images when you put the time into setting up your gear and picking the location along with angle and exposure.  Here's 27 great, yet eerie shots of running water to get you excited about dusting off your tripod and hiking into the woods looking for streams, rivers and waterfalls.

Blue mists at Snoqualmie Falls

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Photo by joiseyshowaa


Photo by [email protected]

Pinhole River

Photo by M J M

Long exposure test II

Photo by paalia

Bridal Veil Falls

Photo by skycaptaintwo

golden waterfall

Photo by paul (dex) busy @ work

Mahon Pool

Photo by TimboDon

Sitting Lady Falls

Photo by quas

Slow Me Down ....

Photo by janusz l

~Perched Plank~

Photo by ViaMoi

Lumsdale Waterfall 1

Photo by ~~Tone~~

Ennerdale stars

Photo by Horrgakx

The Trench

Photo by orvaratli

Night sky and running water

Photo by Jrtippins

Where the river turns

Photo by janusz l>

Hen Beck Bridge

Photo by Horrgakx

Free-flowing Serenity

Photo by paul david

Rolling Thunder

Photo by Skazama

websters falls revisited

Photo by paul (dex) busy @ work

Geneva - Allondon [2]

Photo by dibaer

There And Back Again

Photo by Annadriel

Fairy Glen

Photo by midlander1231

Autumn at White River Falls

Photo by Rick Scheibner


Photo by yeenoghu

An Evening at Niagara Falls

Photo by Storm Crypt



Photo by turtlemoon

Rio Magdalena (Los Dinamos)

Photo by Esparta

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