This Samsung Flip Phone Sports a Variable Aperture Lens


We have a hot new flip phone to show to you today, and it is one that you can’t get anywhere else in the world except for the People’s Republic of China.

A flip phone, you ask?

Not only a flip phone, but one powerful enough to rival one of the best Android-powered handsets available on the market, no less.

You keep hearing this refrain from me: What is old is new again.

Well, this latest handset from Samsung kicks that in until you realize a large portion of the world still uses the old flip phones of yore.

Samsung W2018 image via Samsung.

You remember them, right? Those pre-smartphone devices, elegant in their own way, completely limited in others.

Samsung is bringing one to market with a lens that would rival that of a smartphone’s camera, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold indeed.

The Korean conglomerate’s latest W2018 flip phone, the follow up to the W2017, debuted in Xiamen, China at an event featuring Samsung products.

Not only does the flip phone feature a powerful camera equivalent to that found in the Samsung Galaxy S8, featuring dual pixel autofocus, optical image stabilization, and 1.4μm pixels, but also is powered by a version of the Android operating system.

But as DP Review highlights: “Not only does the W2018 boast an F1.5 aperture—the brightest you'll find on a phone—that aperture is actually variable, switching between F1.5 and F2.4 when it senses there's enough light around. In this way, the phone automatically captures as much of the background as possible.”

Why is this interesting?

Rumors have persisted that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 will feature a variable aperture and this feature in the W2018 seems to confirm it.

The phone will only be available in China at a price of upwards of $USD 3000, with a bunch of VIP perks included in the price including tech support and repair.

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