Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Smartphones Get Unique Instagram Feature in the Form of FlexCam


Typically, when we talk about new Instagram features, it is standard procedure to roll it out for all users on the app.

Photo by Galaxy Fold 3 from Samsung.

But today’s news involves something a little different as well as an old favorite we haven’t mentioned in some time.

We learned from none other than Instagram themselves that they’re introducing a new feature for foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphones called FlexCam. As the name implies, this feature takes advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s unique form factor to bend the device and transform it in the process into a kind of webcam. With Instagram function buttons on the bottom screen and a viewing screen on the top, it is a pretty innovative addition and one that highlights the unique features that can be accomplished with something like the Galaxy Z Flip.

For longtime readers, you’ll recall that the foldable Samsung smartphone didn’t have the easiest debut a couple years back; in fact, if anything, the widespread problems with the folding screens prompted many skeptics to declare the form factor DOA.

Yet, here we are, so many years later and the Galaxy Z Flip is still here and major apps like Instagram are showing us what can be done when a smartphone doesn’t, of necessity, possess a rectangle shape.

It’s also interesting to see Instagram tout something that isn’t a callback to their ongoing rivalry with TikTok. As many of you have read here, the competition in the photo/video social space is more intense now than ever before – especially over the past year. While Meta either plays catchup or, in this case, pioneers something new, we’ll be sure to let you know how Instagram, Facebook, and rivals like Twitter and TikTok are changing as well as what that might mean for photographers on those platforms.

Are you a fan of the foldable smartphone concept? Let us know your thoughts on FlexCam and folding smartphones in the comments below.

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