Samsung Thinking About Developing a 600MP Smartphone Sensor


If the photography world didn’t have rumors, we wouldn’t have much to talk about.

Photo by Velroy Fernandes from Pexels.

Dreams of products to come are often better received than reality, so there is some incentive for manufacturers to indulge in some fantasy and perhaps let some of that slip out to the wider public from time to time.

After all, people rarely get outraged or disappointed over a drawing board concept.

That might be what today’s story is about as a presentation recently given by Samsung about their famous ISOCELL technology got out into the wider press. What caught everyone’s eye is the idea that Samsung could potentially push this to the limits – 600MP to be exact.

As DPReview points out, this is actually becoming part of a tradition at Samsung. Back in September, the website says that Samsung Semiconductor’s marketing head Jinhyun Kwon posted a 500MP sensor as an internal goal.

Of course, some of the immediate logistical issues behind such a feat do creep up, the main one being the size of such a sensor in a physical sense. It would result in a larger camera bump on smartphones and perhaps a more awkward form factor in the process. To get to their goal, Samsung would need to squeeze more performance out of the same amount of space or possibly even less. That’s easier said than done. But if there is one company that can make it happen, Samsung is the outfit to do it.

What do you think of the possibility that Samsung will develop a 600MP smartphone sensor? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section below.

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