Samsung’s Folding Phone Already Experiencing Its Own “Bendgate” According to Early Reviews


Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold is making waves across the Internet ahead of its launch, but for all the wrong reasons.

That’s because early reviewers are reporting that the screen is bending and breaking, leaving the revolutionary new headset either worthless or with impaired functionality.

The review for the Samsung Galaxy Fold from The Verge is titled, “Samsung Galaxy Fold: Broken Dream,” Dieter Bohn details a new common issue where the screen breaks after removing what looks like a plastic film to protect the screen when you first get the phone.

Apparently you’re not supposed to remove this film.

The Verge wasn’t the only outlet to experience problems with their Samsung Galaxy Fold. Popular stock and investing news network CNBC also had a broken Galaxy Fold.

As of press, Samsung hasn’t really said what the cause is behind these failures but you can bet the company is on it.

None of this will delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold which comes out on April 26th.

At a price of $USD 1,980, the Galaxy Fold is almost as expensive as it is revolutionary.

Ostensibly offering the functionalities of a tablet with the portability of a smartphone, the Galaxy Fold is anything if not a cool device.

But, if it doesn’t work, does any of that matter?

The Verge’s review of their test unit even factors into account the screen problem and acts as if that is a one-time thing. That said, the publication still doesn’t recommend the phone, writing “…you should not buy this phone until we get more information — and even then, it’s not a great purchase.”

Early adopters often bear the brunt of innovation, and that is probably the case here.

Samsung does feel confident enough about the Galaxy Fold to give it a wider market release, after all.

Are you thinking of picking up a Samsung Galaxy Fold when they arrive in your market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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