Beautiful Scotland: 24 Gorgeous Images

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    Mike Panic

    is a professional photographer. See his site at Mike Panic Photography.

  • Scotland is beautiful. I went last summer and i’m sure i’ll return someday.
    Check out my gallery of Scotland in flickr:


    Thank you for these interesting posts!

  • vik says:


  • Neil says:

    They used my Stirling Bridge photo in this article, but check out my whole set of Scotland (11 images) here

  • Evan says:

    This is absolutely beautiful

  • I go back to Scotland every year in the autumn – it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to and I’ve travelled a fair bit. Some great photos here, here’s my Scotland pics if you’re interested:

  • Deepak says:

    Xllent photos…. As an amateur photographer got to learn many things from these masterpieces.

  • Phil says:

    These are all lovely photos, particularly like the photo by Martin Sojka, this is an area I have been to, it is truly beautiful. Thanks for the post.

  • Maggie Coleman says:

    the Firth of Fourth

  • B.J. Baity says:

    It has always been my dream to visit Scotland. Maybe someday I will but for now the closest I may get is Wales – also very beautiful, so I hear.

  • Andy craig says:

    My home country looking gorgeous as expected but nice to see my home city of Glasgow looking so good too. Great stuff. A bit homesick now. 🙁

  • cindy says:

    Beautiful photos.

  • Joss says:

    I took some pictures too, some years ago.

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