Successful Lawsuit Against Buzzfeed Has Potentially Huge Implications for Photography Copyright Infringement Claims Moving Forward

A recent lawsuit victory for a photographer against online publication Buzzfeed could make it easier for photographers to bring forward copyright infringement claims in the future. Gregory Mango’s photo was initially licensed by a person named Gary Parker who was himself at the center of a discrimination lawsuit against New York City at the time, […]

Photographer Wins Lawsuit Against Company Selling Copyright Infringing Products Featuring Her Photos of Keanu Reeves and Madonna

Photographer Deborah Feingold has won her lawsuit against a company that used her photos of celebrities Keanu Reeves and Madonna to sell merchandise. In what is being called a ruling the shows the limits of the “safe harbor portion” of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because RageOn Inc. did not remove the offending user-generated merchandise […]