Semiconductor Shortages Hit Sigma


We’ve reported on multiple companies delaying or outright canceling products because of the ongoing semiconductor shortage impacting multiple industries.

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Photo by Sebastian Banasiewcz

Now Sigma is the latest to join them as their CEO confirmed in a response to a question on Twitter that the company is among those struggling to obtain precious materials needed for the manufacture of its products.

Twitter user Terry Hastings (@tj38marlow) tweeted on January 3rd:

“@KazutoYamaki Hi there – Happy New Year for 2022 – Can you make a statement on the status of your production and supply of your great lenses. I have been after 3 primes (for UK) for last 9 weeks and nothing. Stockists know nothing Sigma UK – no updates – Please oh please help!”

To which Kazuto Yamazaki responded:

“Thanks for waiting. Not sure which lenses you ordered, but we’ve been continuing the full production. We just couldn’t catch up the demand of some products in Q4 2021. Hope lenses reach you soon. In 2022, supply shortage of semiconductor may affect production of some products.”

Interestingly, Sony Addict believes that this could be an indication that semiconductor shortages will get worse before the situation improves with an eye towards 2022 at the earliest.

We’ve reported on a series of somewhat novel situations in the industry right now, including flagship products that might be somewhat outdated by the time they launch next year. After all, in the cutthroat world of technology, even a delay of a few months could mean the difference between being the best of the best or just another option.

For no clearer demonstration of this in action, look no further than the smartphone industry which pumps out annual iterations with marginal improvements that might not be the biggest leaps forward but are just enough to make the previous model look old. And that’s all that matters the higher the price tag gets.

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