23 (More) Creative Uses of Shadow


Using shadows to enhance photographic composition is something we have covered before. But it's also a fun subject and one that is part of this week's Light Stalking community photography challenge. We thought we would throw a little more inspiration into the mix with some of our favorite shadow shots.

Photo by Kevin Dooley
Photo by Hamed Parham
Photo by Jose Roberto V Moraes
Photo by Atomicjeep
Photo by Nad Renrel
Photo by Tambako The Jaguar
Photo by Twistyfoldy.net
Photo by Sheila Tostes
Photo by Shazwan
Photo by Jacobcyh
Photo by Paul J Everett
Photo by Alice Popkorn
Photo by Ishrona
Photo by jenny downing
Photo by jim crossley
Photo by Chris Willis
Photo by James Lee
Photo by Mike Baird
Photo by Cristian V.
Photo by (matt)
Photo by Simon Pearson
Photo by Schizoform
Photo by Max Barners


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Rob is the founder of Light Stalking. His love for photography started as a child with a Kodak Instamatic and pushed him into building this fantastic place all these years later, and you can get to know him better here.
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Lenses: Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

Only the text opens on my Mac Book Pro, not the photos. I am currently in Shanghai and don’t know if this is a Great Firewall of China issue or some internet setup issue. Can anyone help as I love the Light Stalking site and am frustrated to tears that I can’t see the photos.

Hi Charles,

please check with another computer, if it works, it’s your mac setup if it doesn’t nothing simple can be done.

if it’s your mac try with a different browser, if it works it’s the browser, if not it may be related with your user account. Try from another account. If it’s the same, then it’s a system wide issue, in this case, you’ll need to backup all your data, erase and install the OS again + all your apps and data.

Hope it helps.

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