Light Stalking’s 10 Most Shared Stories in the Last Month


It was another huge month for Light Stalking with our photography forum going from strength to strength and our stories being shared far and wide around the internet. These aren't necessarily our best stories, but they seemed to have really hit a chord with readers.

Photo by Nicolas Gent

Our Most Popular Photography Tutorials

How to Photograph Fireworks – No real surprises with this one as the 4th of July celebrations are upon us in America. This tutorial will make sure you don't come home with a camera full of poor shots.

Shutter Priority Mode: A Beginner's Guide – Do you really know how to use this function on your DSLR? This guide will make sure you're up to speed.

Aperture Priority Mode: A Beginner's Guide – Another beginner's guide that will make sure you know all about this function on your camera and how you can use it to get better shots.

The Truth About Converging Verticals in Architecture Photography – This article was picked up and shared by Scott Kelby (Editor of Layers Magazine and President of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals) who called it the “Best article on photographing buildings I've read in a while. It will make some people mad, but it made me very happy!” which is a nice prop for Light Stalking.


Great Free Online Photography Resources

8 Cool Photoshop Blogs – This post was picked up by the guy's at Adobe who shared it on their official Facebook wall as well as their Twitter feed. You should add these blogs to your daily reading.

Free Photoshop and Lightroom Plugins – 10 Places to get more great plugins for free. These resources are always popular and these great sites deserve a spot in your bookmarks.

7 Sites to Sell Your Stock Photography – This is a list of places you might want to add to your bookmarks if you plan to make a little money in the micro stock industry.


Incredibly Popular Photography Collections

Uplifting Photos of Hot Air Balloons – Some incredible landscapes punctuatued by the elegance and colour of hot air balloons. Other shots fill the frame. All of them are great shots.

33 Moody Black and White Trees – Our black and white collections are always very popular and this one was no exception. Applying skill in shooting and post production to a common object can still result in some incredible photographs.

37 Mouth-Watering Coffee Photos – It was never going to be difficult to guess that Light Stalking readers were all caffeine addicts and the popularity of this post served to confirm that for us.

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