Smarterpix Debuts Uncanny AI-Generated Stock Photo Models


Artificial intelligence can do some pretty amazing things.

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We’ve talked about projects to generate entire scenes from thin air to modifying existing pictures. Stuff like changing the weather or the season is almost pedestrian at this point. And we’re just starting to get into the beginning of what AI will be able to do. Think of it as the beginning days of Adobe’s Photoshop compared to smartphones that perform way more complex tasks on the fly and without much professional input. AI will likely be that big, common, and uninteresting though the implications of this are quite the opposite.

A part of Germany’s Panther Media, Smarterpix recently showed off a roster of models that are completely generated using the firm’s AI-based technology. The results pretty much speak for themselves and, as with everything new, there are a few kinks still to be ironed out.

Panther Media is in partnership with VAIsual and this new AI-generated model technology is part of the first phase of this collaboration according to remarks VAIsual’s CEO Michael Osterreider made to PetaPixel.

“Our portrait library contains an ever-growing volume of diverse faces, ages, ethnicities, and genders…We are aggressively working on our next phase of development and will shortly begin generating full-body images of humans.”

Panther Media’s CEO Robert Walthers echoed these sentiments concerning the future of stock photography modeling and AI-generated subjects.

As for stock photography models and photographers, they might have to find themselves a new line of work if AI really does become the dominant force in this area. While high-end fashion photography and areas like it are likely to remain the purview of professional models and photographers, who knows what the future holds for everything else.

What do you think of Smarterpix’s technology? Will AI-generated models replace actual humans in the future? Let us know your thoughts on this technology in the comments below.

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