Snap Reportedly Giving Accounts Ability to Change Username in Future Update


We don’t cover Snap quite often on this blog.

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And, in many ways, that’s a good thing, particularly when you consider some of the content that makes the headlines from the other popular apps out there.

But we don’t love Snap any less, it just happens to keep things more lowkey and AR-related than anything else.

Still, when something big happens, we want to cover it and for longtime Snap users, this is a pretty big deal.

Tech Crunch is reporting that the popular app is considering an option for accounts to change their screenname – something that people have wanted to do for a long time now.

Why would Snap make this change now? It looks like it is in response to user demand and is part of a larger rollout of other features.

Also, users won’t be able to change their usernames frequently; the service says that’s only allowed once a year.

As for the other changes, Snap announced a partnership with Ticketmaster to connect people to local live events. The company also discussed a major update to its Snap Stars program including the addition of advertisements mid-roll. We would expect that is likely in part due to increased competition from rivals such as Instagram and TikTok who make big bucks off of their major creators but we’re just speculating here.

In the past, we discussed Snap’s augmented reality glasses and the company’s push into that space. We’ve also discussed Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and that company’s app’s efforts to build out a “metaverse” of AR content. If you’ve missed those articles, you can find them here and here.

If you use Snap, we’d love to have your thoughts on this update in the comments below.

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