Snap Shows Off New Enhanced AR Spectacles Concept


Snap finally unveiled their latest concept for their Spectacles line and, as expected, it incorporates even more advanced AR than ever before.

Photo by New Spectacles from Snap.

While still in the concept stages, the company has a demonstrated penchant for making these kinds of moon-shot projects a reality so we’ll wait and see if this actually comes out. That said, chances are pretty good these will be seeing a full market release as the company is already enlisting businesses and creators to sign up to make content for them.

The new version of Spectacles basically “overlays” the app’s famous lenses over the real world thus allowing for all kinds of AR madness. It is thought that this feature will be used by creators that want to tell stories via AR experiences. Indeed, much of the driving spirit behind the new Spectacles seems to be taking AR to the next level as a tool for creating novel, immersive content that is somewhat beyond what competitors like Instagram and Tiktok offer.

From the blog post announcing the new Spectacles:

“Lenses react quickly and appear accurately in your field of view with 15 millisecond motion to photon latency, and the display dynamically adjusts up to 2000 Nits of brightness to explore AR indoors or outside. Spectacles feature 2 RGB cameras, 4 built-in microphones, 2 stereo speakers, and a touchpad to provide a multi-sensorial experience.

Spectacles weigh just 134 grams, so creators can bring AR anywhere for approximately 30 minutes per charge. The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Platform unlocks the maximum processing power within Spectacles’ lightweight, wearable design.”

You can check out a video over on YouTube talking about the new Spectacles here.

You can apply to possibly get a pair at this link and you can sign up here if you would like to create content for Snap’s new Spectacles when they release.

Have you used any of Snap’s previous Spectacles products? What kind of role do you think augmented reality will play in the future? Let us know your thoughts on Snap’s new Spectacles and AR in the comments section below if you like.

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