Snapchat’s New Android App Unleashed


We told you yesterday about how Snapchat was changing tack when it came to the company’s approach to the competition stealing its features.

Now the company is unleashing a brand new, faster (and relatively bug-free) app for Android smartphones.

As The Verge reports, Snapchat “has been rewriting from the ground up since the beginning of 2018 to bring performance for the Android version up to par with the iOS app.”

If you’re a Snapchat veteran, don’t worry. The company isn’t changing the user interface or how the app works as far as the user is concerned.

The company decided to basically rebuild the app after they figured out that they couldn’t just patch their way out of the older version’s myriad problems.

One thing that the new app is able to accommodate that the older app struggled with is the huge and varied ecosystem that is the Android smartphone market. Since so many of the headsets are typically running different versions of the OS, the Snapchat app has to be responsive just in case.

But it isn’t just OS variety that presents a challenge for the devs over at Snap: The multiple versions of hardware, chipsets, and cameras out there also make life a little bit more difficult for the company.

These changes should make it easier for the company to roll out Android updates in the future.

Snap VP of Product even said that it could mean that the Android version of Snapchat gets new features before the iOS version does.

“With this new foundation I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually see things starting to come to Android even before iOS sometimes.”

Do you use Snapchat on Android? Let us know your thoughts on these improvements in the comments section below.

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