31 Cool Snowscapes for Inspiration


Shooting snow can actually be notoriously difficult as there are all types of exposure problems. If you take the time to learn to photograph snow however, it can result in some fantastic images.

We think these snowscapes show what is possible and will hopefully serve as inspiration for the next time you find yourself in the snow.

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James Wheeler
Krivec Ales
Janez Podnar
Todd Trapani
Michiel Alleman
Jonathan Petersson
James Wheeler
sl wong
Jeffrey Czum
eberhard grossgasteiger
Ruvim Miksanskiy
Simon Migaj
Han Braxmeier
Alain Audet
Nicky Pe
Enrique Lopez Garre
Johannes Plenio
Artem Vasev
Coco Parisienne
Adam Derewecki
Eckehard Jagdmann
Hermann Schmider
Johannes Plenio

Further Snowscape Resources And Tutorials:

Take a look at this great information to take your own stunning snowscapes:

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Temp got down to 12 deg last night. Could snow any minute. Thanks for the inspiration but I’m staying in bed and close to the Equator.

Brrr…it’s the first day of summer here and thinking about snow as we get into the warmer weather is not where I want to be just yet. But definitely some great inspiration for winter in 6 months time.

These are fabulous shots. I appreciate you doing this. The only suggestion I would make is to link directly to the photo posted so people can comment on it rather than digging through a stream to find the shot featured here.

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