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The internet is full of great photographers and artists, all full of talent and passion.  Toad Hollow Photography has been busy all week searching online for the best tutorials, photography and blogs to share with everyone here, and this week's list reflects some of the highlights encountered.  We really do hope you enjoy viewing the photographs and reading the blogs as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.
Gruccione by Lorenzo L M., on Flickr

Check out the latest blog post at Toad Hollow, where Mrs. Toad makes her blogging debut.  “Arriving In Style” highlights a beautiful historic horse-drawn carriage that forms part of the foundation for the settlement of Vancouver Island itself, and Mrs. Toad takes us behind the scenes to learn about its storied history.


Brick and Mortar Experiment – Blake Rudis shares another great HDR post as he explores and discusses different approaches to capturing and creating his imagery.  The “less is more” mantra is experimented with here, and the results are something you most certainly would not expect.

AskJoeB: The Rule of Thirds Is Boring? – a very insightful post is created here with a set of thoughts regarding a submitted composition by Joe Baraban.  Joe’s concepts behind great composition are key issues we bring along with us on every shoot we do, and this particular piece shares some great tips on this.

New Insight to My Workflow Video – A.D. Wheeler takes us behind the scenes as he processes an image.  This video presentation is sure to help artists of all levels discover new tips and tricks to use in their own workflow.

Day Walkers – Shooting Lightning in the Daylight – what surely is very challenging to do well at night takes on a whole new set of issues during the day.  Scott Wood, a master of lightning photography, delivers a pair of stunning images and shares some of his tips and secrets about this style of photography.  This is a well written piece that is sure to form the basis for thought and practice in the field for those interested.

Some Like it Hotter HTDS – this is a detailed article from Mark Neal that shares some insight into stylizations for image processing to create a specific feel from a photo.  Mark shares great details in this post, and highlights his thoughts with screenshots so the reader can easily take in the lesson at hand.


Eccentricity – once again, our very own Tom Dinning (@tomdinning) here on Light Stalking creates a piece that is sure to make you stop in your tracks, trying to find the deeper underlying meaning.  Tom includes a bit of prose with this great black-and-white photo that creates many questions in the viewers mind, but through it all we’re inspired to live life to its fullest.

Post Parade Hot Track Driver’s Event – this is a very extensive and fabulous collection of car related images, some of the best I have seen in quite some time.  Rick from Hansrico Photography delivers this series taken at a recent event, and each shot posted exemplifies great composition and technique.  In turn, this takes the viewer right into the heart of the event, leaving you with a sense you were there with all these beautiful cars and brave drivers.

The Preparation Begins – the continuing saga of The Empress as she readies for her wedding day, as seen and shared by her groom-to-be Mike Criswell.  This highly entertaining approach to storytelling is coupled with some of the best supporting imagery I have ever seen.  This post is guaranteed to delight every visitor; undoubtedly you will come away with a sense of utter amazement due to Mike’s wonderful humor.

Duckpool Long Exposure – almost like a cauldron full of boiling liquid, this long exposure photograph from the studio of Chris Maskell creates a mystical sense for the viewer.  The exposure of this frame turns moving water into almost an ethereal fog, and the rocks appearing from behind the veil only serve to further the feeling of magic.

Photos Before Breakfast – Start Your Day Right – Lee Brown delivers a photograph taken in the early morning in the Yosemite National Park that is just so very beautiful, you find yourself staring at it totally breathless.  The epic waterfalls far in the background emerge as the viewer spends time taking in the natural beauty that Lee so carefully captured to share here.

Autumn in the mirror – really incredible colors and tones are captured in this captivating image from the studio of Andy 58.  This gorgeous autumn image forever freezes a landscape full of leaves turning color and finds further interest in the deep reflections of the water.

Everlasting Pea (Lathyrus latifolius) – stunning colors are presented in this beautiful photograph by Mark Summerfield.  These vibrant flowers produce the most striking photography subject with their rich colors and tones, and Mark does a fabulous job in capturing and sharing this image.
IMG_8054 by winnu, on Flickr

Come To Rest – Andy Gimino captures a great shot taken in the great outdoors.  This wonderful landscape shot features a single bright green leaf as it sits on a smooth rock with a stunning waterfall backdrop.

Rays on St. Paul – a beautiful sunburst in the morning is photographed and shared in this post from Jim Denham.  The gentle light captured in the morning here serves to highlight the beauty of the city and the river as it finds itself waking.

Orvieto’s Opera House – exquisite details in the architecture of this iconic opera house are all captured by Adam Allegro in this post for everyone to enjoy.  The rich details that went into designing these historical facilities can provide the most compelling subject-matter, and in this post Adam does a great job of capturing these details.

Bemis Brook Falls – a graceful stepped waterfall creates the perfect landscape setting for Rob Hanson to visit and photograph.  The logs strewn about create a sense of drama and chaos in a truly beautiful setting here, making for a must-see shot in this week’s list.

Ice Cave @ Iceland – there is just so very much to love in this photograph, where do we start?  This shot of an ice cave from Nanut Bovorn conveys a strong sense of cold through color, with the added tension that is introduced by finding the photographer embedded in the scene itself.

Six Points of Fire Revisited – a city finds itself sitting against a body of water that creates a feeling of a mirror.  The beautiful colors in the sky accent the strength found in the powerful architecture in this shot created by Jonathan Danker.

Rally in the Valley (Part 2) – this is the second part to the series from Anne McKinnell that we featured in last week’s list here.  A steady stream of classic sports cars make their way past Anne as she carefully photographs them to share here with everyone.  This is a great series, well worth the time to visit and view.

The Bloody Angle – Doyers Street – a nostalgic scene is created through the work of Mark Garbowski in this great shot.  This post not only shares a great photo, but it also delivers a little insight into this type of street in the city, combining together to make for a great post well worth the time to visit.

Buried History – Heather Neil takes us along on a brief journey as she visits a historic cemetery.  The lonely landscape that produces the backdrop to this photo really adds a strong sense of history to the picture, making for a striking piece that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Spotted Towhee and Pair of Rare Birds – I love it when we get a chance to peek into the inner workings of a great photographer, and this post shares this with much aplomb!  Jay Taylor posts two great photos here, the first one of a beautiful bird enjoying life in the bright sun, and the second shot is a personal one of Jay and his grandson sharing a moment together.  Heartwarming, to say the very least.

The Love of High Mountains – what a poignant dedication to a significant loss of life in this very dangerous part of the world, as shared here by LensScaper (Andy Hooker).  Andy is a highly qualified mountain climber, but even those who have this level of deep experience can be caught surprised by Mother Nature and her raw fury.  The masterpiece photograph that Andy shares in this posts truly highlights the message being shared.

. . . a very very very fine house . . . – a beautiful garden-scape is captured and shared here by dragonflydreams88.  This gorgeous setting is masterfully photographed, revealing a peek at the grounds and house that our friend dragonflydreams88 calls home.

Burj Khalifa – as the lights beam from this world-famous location, they almost create a feeling of a laser light show.  maruthy does a great job here in capturing and carefully processing a scene that is familiar, yet here he makes this picture truly his own.

Bubbles – this is a great shot, sharing a candid city street scene of a man with a bubble machine of sorts in the middle of a busy street.  There is something highly nostalgic looking about this photo, like it was captured by a film camera in the 70’s, which really adds so much to the scene.

Lost Glory – a small village cinema, now long abandoned, forms the subject for this great Urbex shot from Roland Shainidze.  Incredible details in the remains of the theatre are coupled with the intricate colors and tones, combining to create a very special image.

Wisconsin Summer Sunset – warm golden tones from the sunset are all perfectly captured in this beautiful landscape from Bob Israel.  Bob does a great job in composing this gorgeous setting, creating a sense of beauty and drama with the silhouettes of the trees along the coastline.

Shelby Cobra in Low-Key – a toy car is carefully and gently lit by Chris Nitz, who creates a really stunning pair of images from the setup.  You’d have a hard time identifying the subject of these shots as anything but real, with very dramatic lighting highlighting the beautiful lines of a classic roadster.

Train graveyard, Bangkok – Akrylamid takes us inside an abandoned train facility, showcasing images of both the inside and outside of these forgotten cars.  An eery silence follows the viewer as you flip through the compelling images in this set, almost as if the cars themselves are trying to share their stories.

Passing By – a speeding car rushes past a man sitting and reflecting, and Anita Megyesi comes away with an image full of tension expressing the juxtaposition of stillness and rapid motion in a single frame.  This is a very powerful image, one that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone who visits.

Castle Garden – a beautiful garden provides an oasis in Windsor Castle in England, and Tim Stanley comes away with a very poignant image to share with everyone.  Lovely colors in the gardens are accented by the rich details and textures in the surrounding castle, producing a truly striking image.

The Solar Storm Hits Queenstown – Trey Ratcliff delivers a true masterpiece here, showing off his view of the Aurora Borealis.  Rich and epic colors fill the night sky, adding an almost surreal feel to the naturally beautiful setting.

Dandelion Wagon – A point and shoot sort of day – Scott Wood captures and shared a compelling image full of great colors and textures, and adds a touch of the profound by sharing some personal insight into camera gear.  This is without any doubt a fabulous image, one that is sure to be a source of delight for everyone who visits…  and you’ll leave with a potentially different outlook on the topic of camera equipment.

Sunset at Amelia – Jay&Jacy Photography capture a shot so full of color, it almost seems as if the sky itself is on fire here.  It’s funny how no two sunsets are the same, and you can look at a new one every day with wonder…  this photograph really exemplifies this notion, producing a picture that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Trinity-Bellwoods Park, Toronto – this is a candid photograph taken at night in a park, by Ren Bostelaar.  The natural tension from the person sitting on the bench adds a huge element of interest to this captivating piece, making for a real must-see shot in this week’s list.

Masts and Sails – Steven Perlmutter captures a scene displaying the full regalia of the masts and sails of the Tall Ships in port this day.  The dramatic sky adds a strong element of drama to this scene, and Steven does a great job in creating a piece of imagery reminiscent of a time over 100 years ago.

Cable Mill – Cades Cove – an old historic mill creates a stunning subject for Jerry Denham to capture.  Exquisite details and textures in this old wooden structure all come to life in Jerry’s wonderful image, producing a shot that preserves and shares a strong sense of an older time in this iconic park.

Over Nashville – a lovely detailed shot of the city of Nashville as it begins to wake in the morning light.  Fabulous details and colors in the city and the surrounding skies converge in this shot to create a special picture that is sure to be enjoyed by all.
fogland by Olga Kruglova, on Flickr

Vanishing Point – I just love great vanishing points in photography, I think they can add a ton of natural tension to an image.  Len Saltiel takes us under a pier in the city of Philadelphia and composes a shot that delivers a great example of this technique.

Canyon X – a truly great image straight from the studio of Scott Ackerman.  These natural formations produce very striking photography subjects through shapes and colors, and with this scene Scott creates an abstract piece that is so captivating.

The Office – hold my calls, I’ve found a great picture!!  Steven Perlmutter showcases a great shot taken inside an unused mill that shares a view of what once was someone’s office.  A desk and chair remain, along with several other artifacts, that bring an eerie sense to the scene that Steven has brought to life.

Governor’s “Palace” is Quite Royal – a wonderful architectural study is presented here by Mark Neal.  This historic location in North Carolina is an exquisite facility full of historic elements, including fabulous brickwork and architectural details.  The third shot in the set is totally awesome.

Delicate Enough – this is a fabulous macro shot of a plant with water drops on it, all brought together with the great bokeh that Klaus Herrmann managed to bring out.  Klaus also shares a bit of insight into how he created this image, creating a post that is both entertaining to view and educational to visit.

A*Life*in*Transit… – an almost abstract piece is captured and shared here by Tomàs Rotger.  This photograph embodies two key elements; drama and tension, and does this eloquently through the use of black-and-white to highlight the contrasts at work in the frame.

Back on the Pacific Coast: Crescent City California – as Anne McKinnell and her husband arrive on the west coast, they have a brief stop in Crescent City before they make their way north to Canada.  Anne shares a few photos from this little city after the repairs and rebuilding from the damage caused by the Tsunami from last year.

Fire – this is an awesome image!!  A firebreather goes about his work against a bright and colorful backdrop of the sky.  Alexander Sikov captures a shot of fire against a bold sky that is absolutely guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone!

Reflection – Always Look Down – this post features a great image taken with a totally unique composition using a puddle to create a fabulous reflection of a building.  Metro DC Photography does a great job here in presenting a very special piece to view and enjoy.

Lloyd’s Building Panorama – Mark Blundell delivers a new 360* panorama exploring the architecture of downtown London.  This unique presentation creates a piece that is full of detail with the added bonus of being highly interactive, immersing the viewer right into the frame.

Wheel Well Motel – colors and details are all brought to life in this great image from the studio of Michael Lewis Glover.  Michael creates an image of a new facility at Disney that is sure to delight the kid in everyone.  This picture bridges two worlds; one of the real world we find ourselves in, contrasted with the bright and lively animations that Disney is famous for.

Koehler & Escoffier – this is a great composite of a classic motorcycle.  Bob Byington shares a great image here of this iconic machine from the early century, creating a picture that would look great hanging on any wall.

Reflections in IR – Scott Wood is a master of IR photography, creating images full of wonder and details that have a twist.  The IR aspect of his photography brings details to life that would typically be missed, and due to the tonal shifts created with IR imagery in general the overall mood of the scene is accentuated.  An absolute must-see image in this week’s list.

Split Decision – this is a great photograph of a stunning waterfall.  Scott Ackerman brings us along as he hikes deep into the woods to bring back a shot of this epic natural formation that only a few get a chance to see.  The great composition that Scott used to create this shot really brings all the natural beauty of the area to life.

1979 BMW R100RS – I have a strong affinity for anything with a motor strapped onto it, I do admit.  Sometimes, though, you find a set of shots of a classic that literally leap out of your monitor; this is one such set!  Adam Allegro does a top drawer job in photographing this classic bike which was completely refurbished.

Blue Hour Hoan – this picture features an architectural view of a bridge in Milwaukee.  CJ Schmit captures a photograph so full of rich details, it’s sure to keep the viewer engaged for quite some time as you take in the frame.
Puffin by Hilary Chambers, on Flickr

Paper Trail – Mark Garbowski shows his razor sharp photography skills as well as a great command of language as he shares this cleverly titled photograph.  Mark uses a tilted composition to add interest to the scene captured, showcasing a very worn and weathered staircase in a long forgotten building.

“Reflections” A Chihuly and downtown SLC reflected by Abravanel Hall – reflections are a powerful tool in photography in conveying a thought or emotion.  Howard does a great job with this series of images all sharing a great reflection.  Several of the photographs in this set are absolutely jaw-droppingly awesome and could easily stand on their own, but when taken in context of the collection here, they are really rather wonderful.

Running Colors – indeed, colors are the word of the day when it comes to this beautiful image.  Paul James captures and shares a great shot of a rolling landscape, peppered with vibrant natural colors and a small farm nestled in a grove of trees.  This is a breathtaking piece, well worth the time to visit and view.

The Big Picture – no doubt this photograph can easily stand on its own as an abstract masterpiece, but when taken in with the words that Jason Hines has chosen to share with it, it becomes a profound statement on life and art.  This is a wonderful piece, well worth the time to visit and view.

Daybreak on The Strip – Jimi Jones brings us along as he explores the city that’s up all night.  Jimi captures a photo of the main strip using a long exposure to create great light trails that add a natural leading line for the frame, as well as bring some great color to the scene.

Wells Fargo History – there is something just perfect about this composition, as photographed and shared here by Curt Fleenor.  Curt grabs a shot of the front of this iconic museum that also brings a ton of interest in the frame from the great lines created from the towering skyscraper.

North Clear Creek Falls – Rick from Hansrico Photography takes us with him on a camping expedition that is complete with natural beauty.  Rick finds himself staring at the business end of a beautiful waterfall in the morning and comes away with a truly breathtaking piece that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

Money, Money, Money – prepare to be blown away by this perspective and photograph as shared here by Len Saltiel.  The famous city of Monaco sits nestled below, and Len grabs a photo highlighting the yachts, incredible architecture and beautiful rooftop gardens.

the fire within . . . – a very colorful and beautiful flower is photographed by dragonflydreams88.  The shallow depth of focus and resulting bokeh really accent the natural beauty in the flower, which presents breathtaking colors and tones to the viewer.

Barred Owl – a wonderful face peers back at the viewer in this gorgeous shot of this beautiful bird, as captured and shared by Rob Nopola.  The shallow depth of focus used here really brings all the natural wonder of the scene to life, creating a picture that is sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

WPA Plaque, Thomas, WV – a fascinating plaque affixed to a stone wall creates a perfect natural leading line for the viewer to follow through this frame.  Perry Bailey creates and shares a great shot here, full of rich details and textures all of which come together with the lovely tones in the wall and surrounding skies.

Where To – life itself may be finite, but one glance of this great photograph from Chris Frailey reveals that this road is truly limitless.  Chris does a great job in capturing and bringing this photo of a road that leads to a vanishing point; a real must-see image in this week’s list.

Chasing The Light on Cadillac Mountain – Edith Levy takes us along as she visits the point in the US where the sun first rises in the morning.  The expansive vista that Edith captures in this beautiful photo is completely accented by the rich colors in the early morning sky.

Icons of the city – let’s join Dave DiCello as he walks around NYC in the morning, capturing images of the city’s architecture and feeling.  Dave’s great work in the realm of HDR really delivers a compelling set here, sure to be enjoyed by all who visit to view.

Slow Your Role – this is a totally unique composition of a Harley-Davidsons wheel and brake disc.  Great light hits the disc, bringing all the details out in the fine machine work that goes into creating great pieces of art like this.  Chris Nitz does a stellar job in composing and capturing this shot, and delivers it in black-and-white to accent the inherent drama.

Deeply Shallow – great light and shadows play amongst each other in this epic shot of an abandoned hospital from the studio of Scott Frederick.  The textures in the weathered hallway is accented wonderfully from Scotts processing, resulting in a truly captivating image that is a real must-see in this week’s list.

A Time For Two – a fabulous still life image is presented here by Aaron Barlow.  A bottle of wine, a pair of glasses and a beautiful ice container come together to paint the most magical and romantic vision of a stay in a beautiful room in a B&B.

Stage Left – a piano stands alone in the back of a long forgotten theater.  Frank Grace does a fabulous job in both capturing and processing this image to be highly sympathetic to the subject at hand, and in turn he creates a very compelling image that everyone will enjoy.

Land of blood and honey – I’ve always really wanted to hang out the side of a helicopter to photograph something from up high.  In this epic shot of Manhattan Regis Boileau shows us exactly why…  the entire city lays beneath his vantage point, laid out for everyone to marvel at the scale and inherent beauty in the architecture far below.

Enter Into Their Beauty – Jay&Jacy Photography captures and shares a great interior shot of a church cathedral.  The wonderful tones and colors in the picture combine with the great subject here to really produce something very unique that’s a true joy to view.

UK – Wales – South Wales – Caerphilly Castle – Castell Caerffili – Medieval castle at Sunset – an old medieval castle is reflected back from the body of water it sits behind, casting a truly striking image for Lucie… Travel… to photograph.  This magical scene whisks the viewer away to a time hundreds of years ago and really is well worth the time to visit.

Tufted Titmouse ~ A Pretty Face – what a lovely close-up of one really cute bird.  Kerri Farley takes a picture of this little fur-friend as it sits on a branch and brings us all close-up and personal with it…  a delightful image sure to be enjoyed by all!

A Dahlia Adorned – a wondrous butterfly sits perched atop a most beautiful flower in this great shot by Bev.  Fabulous details in both really do come to life in this great shot, a picture that is guaranteed to be a delight for everyone who visits.


The Rock…HDR Collaboration – collaboration projects are great on so many levels; you get to see multiple versions of the same scene, you can see how each individual artist applies their personal style and you can learn a little about your own practice.  This collaboration features a photograph taken at Alcatraz Penitentiary, hosted by Mike Criswell and featuring Rob Hanson, Jim Denham, Bob Lussier and Mark Garbowski.

snail face by Dennis , on Flickr

Seven Miles – this post takes us deep into a wooded grove where an long-forgotten home sits.  What once was a thriving facility on the shores of a lake now is an overgrown garden with some remaining pieces of architecture that produce the haunting visions of what once was.

Aliens & HDR Monkeys, Oldskool – July 2012 – this post features an interview of a leading Urbex photographer and shares a large set of his images.  The drama that Oldskool captures and shares in his imagery is strong and resounding, making this one of our must-see posts for this week’s list.

Protest – a very politically sensitive topic is explored in this post from local photographer Ehpem, who discusses the dangers of a proposed oil pipeline to the west coast of Canada.  This concept is fraught with danger, and Ehpem’s well written post here outlines the potential dangers that could occur should this project move ahead.  Even if you live far away from all this, just being aware of the situation is an important step in trying to save our part of the world from a potential catastrophe.

Nature Photography Camp (Week #1 Morning Session | Week #1 Afternoon Session | Week #2 Morning Session | Week 2 Afternoon Session) – John Mead is not only a great photographer, he is also a great teacher.  This series of links contains videos that John created highlighting a summer photography camp he hosted where young people from all walks of life came to learn about nature and photography.  John has created these video presentations that showcase some of the great photographs taken by the group during their outing.

Dodge & Burn – A New Craft & Vision eBook – Edith Levy writes a great review on a new eBook that takes the reader through the art of dodging and burning in digital photography.  This looks to be a great book, and Edith’s review gives the visitor a taste of what to expect.

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