Sony Apologizes for Shipping Delays on Much-Anticipated A7R III

By Kehl Bayern / November 20, 2017

What many are calling one of the best mirrorless cameras to come to the market in some time, Sony’s new A7R III has become one of the most anticipated pieces of equipment and, apparently, a much sought after item – so much so that Sony of Japan has issued an apology due to shipping delays brought about by unprecedented demand.

Pre-orders for the new A7R III camera have gone off the charts since Sony opened the product up for sales.

The spike in demand has caused delays in shipping final product, according to an apology posted to Sony of Japan’s website.

As the Phoblographer points out, this is exciting news from the standpoint that Sony’s new A7R III is able to generate so much market buzz, even in the face of the valid and persistent criticism that the new model uses the same sensor as the previous iteration.

Sony has promised a first-come, first-serve system when it comes to fulfilling pre-orders for the A7R III and will have those shipped out in full by mid-December.

While not as expensive as the new A7R III, the less expensive A5100 will also be delayed due to an unexpected production complication coupled with a healthy demand for the camera.

Sony A7R III image via Sony.

The lack of the A5100 will hurt photographers looking to get started or consumers searching for a high-quality option from Sony that does not break the bank, but the real sadness for gearheads will be the delay in the A7R III.

This lack of stock in Sony cameras on both ends of the spectrum comes at a critical time for retailers as the winter’s holidays shopping season can prove to be a big shopping boon for business.

Not having Sony gear as an option may force some holiday shoppers to turn to gear from other makers like Canon and Nikon.

Once production ramps up and the A7R III is out on the market in full force, it will be interesting to see how it impacts Sony’s bottom line given the camera’s initial reception.


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