Sony Chooses A Bad Day to Try and Launch a Camera in China


It looks like Sony may have accidentally stepped into a PR nightmare in China.

Photo by Airpeak from Sony.

All we know so far is that some products initially scheduled for premier are now “indefinitely postponed.”

Choosing the dates July 7th through the 10th for their exhibition, the company was set to launch a slew of new products but that is now delayed.

Why you might ask?

July 7th is the anniversary of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident that eventually led to the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945).

So, maybe not the best day to debut a bunch of new products

Here’s Sony’s statement about the matter:

“Our company attaches great importance to the concerns of the majority of netizens!

Our company originally planned to release new products at the domestic professional exhibition on 7-10 of this month, and broadcast the new product introduction video online on the first day of the exhibition.

Due to our poor work arrangements, we have caused misunderstanding and confusion in the selection of the date.

We apologize for this and cancel the related event arrangements as soon as possible!

Thank you for your continued support!”

According to a representative from Sony Europe, the debut’s delay is due to a scarcity in parts. That’s a plausible statement, particularly given how many industries are experiencing a shortage in critical parts right now.

Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped speculation that the potential bad PR in China is more than enough on its own for Sony to scuttle the launch for now.

A new date is not yet announced as of press but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we get some more information.

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