Sony Debuts $9,000 Airpeak S1 Drone Aimed at the Creative Market


It’s finally here. Sort of.

Photo by Airpeak from Sony.

Sony’s entry into the drone market isn’t cheap, but it sure is impressive.

The $USD 9,000 Airpeak S1 is Sony’s official response to the DJIs of the world and it happens to be capable of carrying Sony’s Alpha line of cameras. For most people, those two facts are enough to get their attention – and possibly open their wallets.

Though it is an entry-level model, the Airpeak S1 is coming with the best Sony has to offer in terms of AI, imaging, and robotics technologies. Compatible cameras include Alpha 9, 7S, Alpha 1, 7R, and FX3.

As we detailed in a previous post on Sony’s drone, a proprietary system of motors helps the drone maintain control in wind speeds of 72 km/h (44.7 mph), making the drone quite capable in rigorous weather conditions.

Standard with drones these days, Sony will be releasing an app along with it for remote control situations. Called Airpeak Flight, the app gives you control over the aircraft and its gimbal as well as a readout of pertinent flight information like speed and how much battery life you have left. Pretty much everything we’re seeing is lining up with the rumors we talked about a while back. The drone also allows for dual-operation with one operator on the camera and the other piloting the craft itself.

There’s also another web-based app called Airpeak Base that archives flight information and allows for the creation of customized flight plans. It will also notify users when maintenance is needed.

At $USD 9,000 you get your standard equipment minus the gimbal which will be sold separately (and for a price that is unavailable as of press). There will also be a protection plan for your Airpeak S1 that we’re sure will cost a pretty penny. So, start saving between now and its launch in Fall 2021.

You can watch a video showing off all of Airpeak’s features over on YouTube at this link.

Does Sony’s Airpeak S1 sound like something you would buy? How does it stack up compared with DJI’s offerings and those of other competitors? Let us know your thoughts on Sony’s Airpeak S1 in the comments below.

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