Sony Dominates Image Sensor Market Share in 2019


One of the big stories that has circulated around on the web this past week about Sony is that the company might be cutting features from its cameras to accommodate the upcoming PlayStation 5 release.

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Now, a new piece of research sheds some light on just how dominant Sony is in other aspects of the optics industry – specifically, the sensor market.

Japan-based Techno Systems Research (TSR) estimates that the company had half of the sensor market in 2019 or 49.1% as compared to Samsung’s 17.9%.

As DPReview points out, none of this should really be that surprising since Sony both kept the midnight oil burning during the 2019 month of December in order to keep up with demand but also the company is building a new factory in Nagasaki that is going to help it boost production when it comes into action by April 2021, reports indicate.

Of course, Samsung isn’t just going to sit back and let Sony continue to dominate.

The company has announced its own plans to expand production in a renewed bid to challenge Sony’s lead.

We wish them the best of luck but, as the numbers stand right now, it looks like Samsung has their work cut out for them.

Looking ahead through 2020, Sony CFO Hiroko Totoki told the Nikkei Asian Review that the company is monitoring its supply chains in the wake of the coronavirus in China shutting down production at six of its factories there.

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