Sony’s Latest Motion Picture Camera VENICE Will Feature Full-Frame Image Capture on Launch


Sony’s digital motion picture technology has a long, illustrious history in the film industry, so when new gear in that highly-specialized niche from the Japanese optics giant comes along, people take note.

Promising a new legendary standard in technology and filmmaking capabilities, Sony revealed its new digital motion picture camera back in September of this year, with Sony’s own blog claiming that the new camera was “was designed through close collaboration with the creative community, fulfilling the requirements from filmmakers and production professionals.”

And while the debut of Sony’s new CineAlta motion picture camera, the VENICE, was met with praise when it premiered, some filmmakers took issue with whether or not the new camera would have full-frame image capture capabilities upon launch.

Sony has now responded to those inquiries by saying that, yes, the new VENICE model will have full-frame image capture immediately when it is available.

Image via Sony.

What is full-frame image capture? According to Sony Alpha Rumors, this feature “enables filmmakers to realise VENICE’s full potential by utilising 24x36mm Full-Frame 6K recording in Sony’s established 16-bit acquisition format, X-OCN[i].”

Other new features will be produced for the camera in the future according to detailed plans from Sony.

Pre-orders for the new motion picture camera are now open.

The new VENICE CineAlta camera should be available to filmmakers beginning in February of 2018 according to Sony’s press.

Sony Professional Solutions Europe’s Head of Technical Sales, Broadcast & Cinematography Claus Pfeifer commented that, “Sony’s development of the VENICE motion picture camera platform represents our commitment to the film industry in furthering image capture in the key areas of dynamic range, colour rendition and large format aspect ratio freedom. VENICE demonstrates our commitment to developing tools that support Directors and Cinematographers in bringing their vision to the screen…This announcement reflects our strong relationship with filmmakers around the world and enables them to create Emotion in Every Frame.”

Image via Sony.
Image via Sony.
Image via Sony.

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