Sports Photographer Gets Knocked Out at College Football Game in the United States


Being in the heart of the action doesn’t mean that a sports photographer wants to be part of the action but that’s what happened to Chamberlain Smith.

Pixabay from Pexels.

A photographer for the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team, Smith was hit by running back Brian Herrien who went out of bounds and was unable to stop himself from colliding with the journalist.

She was hit so hard that she remained unconscious for some time before finally waking up while under medical care, PetaPixel reports. She was then taken to the hospital while awake and where she was diagnosed with a concussion. Smith is apparently an intern for the team.

Marvin James tweeted at the footballer involved in the accident, “I want to really shout out
@brianherrienn … after the collision he really was genuinely concerned and was waiting around to see the photographers condition. They literally had to tell him to go to his sideline. Even though he’s a competitor in the moment, he showed compassion.”

Of the accident, she said, “I’m so glad to be walking away with nothing more than a concussion and some bruises…I will be home resting and recovering for the next several days, but I’m looking forward to being back on the sidelines soon!”

You can view the collision on YouTube by clicking here.

Have you ever been involved in a photography accident? What led up to it? Some people forget just how dangerous our hobby can be so it always helps to caution others with our own experiences. You can share them below if you like.

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