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Sports photography brings with it a different set of challenges. You not only have to be on your toes for the duration of the game but also look out for different perspectives to set you apart from the other photographers covering the event. Your images should be able to catch not just action but also emotion. If you manage to capture both in a single frame, that would be like hitting a jackpot. Each sport requires a slightly different approach but the fundamentals often remain the same. This post provides you with a collection of video tutorials that cover the basics of sports photography and how to photograph 5 different sports.

1. Scott Kelby's Tips for Shooting Sports 

This video contains heaps of information on sports photography delivered by none other than Scott Kelby himself. If you are a beginner in sports photography and looking for useful tips, this is one video you should really consider watching. The insights from his own experiences shooting on assignment make this an invaluable resource. Agreed that it's almost an hour long, but you'll end up picking a lot of handy tips!

2. The Secrets for Shooting Action Shots, Tips and Techniques 

This video by Kris Kasprzak packs enough tips in under 15 minutes to really get you started photographing action shots. The video presentation contains everything you need to know like equipment, camera settings, and sample shots. Also tells you how different settings have an effect on the image.

3. Photography Tips – Motocross 

Photographer Karl Taylor shows how to capture great photographs at a motocross event. He gives nice tips throughout the video and shows how panning can produce wonderful results.

4. How to Shoot Baseball 

Jared Polin (of Fro Knows Photo) takes a group of photographers to a baseball match, gives quick tips on photographing baseball at the beginning and shows us their photographs. He critiques the photographs taken during the match and tells about how to improve them.

5. How Sports Illustrated Photographers Shoot Football

This video interviews different Sports Illustrated photographers and reveals what it takes to become a professional sports photographer and how great photos are made. The photographers tell how they approach a game and how luck plays a role in sports photography.

6. How to Take Better Photos: Ice Hockey Tutorial 

Jared Polin covers an Ice Hockey match and makes a great video tutorial at the same time giving valuable tips. Post match, he browses through the photos and shows the ones he considers good and how he could improve the others.

7. John Todd's Sports Photography Tips – Soccer 

Professional sports photographer John Todd gives valuable tips coming from his experience of many years. He emphasizes how clean images, those without a distracting backgound, make great images and why action and emotion should be the clear focus of the photo.

8. How to Photograph Soccer Tutorial 

Covering a soccer match this time, Jared Polin shares some tips first hand on how to capture great soccer images. As with other videos from him, he shows all photos from the shoot and analyzes them to tell you what works in a photo and what doesn't, also teaching you how to improve them.

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