Star Trails Photography: 21 Terrestrial Views of Space by Amateur Photographers

star trails photography


Stunning Examples of Star Trails Photography

Timed exposures in the sky at night produce what are known as ‘star trails’ – enabling you to get some amazing star trail photos. The movement of the earth makes the exposure of the stars like that of a moving object that produces lines of light.

If combined with a well composed image, the results can be quite striking. This collection of star trail photography shows some great examples of this photographic niche which we really enjoyed.

Check out the tutorials at the end of the post if you want to know more about star trails photography.

Tree and Star Trails by Brian Tomlinson, on Flickr

Star trails by Ledzepman71, on Flickr

Startrails by TuckerH586, on Flickr

Star Trail 2010-03-06 by jronaldlee, on Flickr

Trona star stack by cloudchaser32000, on Flickr

Star trails by Mike Lewinski, on Flickr

Perseids?? What Perseids? by John Fowler, on Flickr

canfelip_II by Aitor Escauriaza, on Flickr

Shelfstars by Zach Dischner, on Flickr

taixeta_6 by Aitor Escauriaza, on Flickr

Star trail by pero belobrajdic, on Flickr

Milky Way Star Trails – Lake Mary, Flagstaff, AZ by Logan Brumm Photography and Design, on Flickr

Star trails2 by typicalnaloboy, on Flickr

Startrails Over Wicken Fen by Andrew Stawarz, on Flickr

Star trailing by ramesh Iyanswamy, on Flickr

Bromo Star Trail by Zexsen Xie, on Flickr

Trails on the Henge by Bala, on Flickr

Happy Trails by makelessnoise, on Flickr

Bridge Trails by Jannis, on Flickr

Mokuleia Star Trails by Kyle Nishioka, on Flickr

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