Want to Take Amazing Photos Without Spending More on Gear?

Well, you're in the right place!

  • If you're ready to move from snapshots to photographs that will wow people
  • If you are ready to make your current gear live up to its and your potential
  • If you want to know how to shoot AND how to edit as well as a pro

Quick Start

  • 1. Learn

    Quickly read up about these key elements of photography.

    The Exposure Triangle is the key to exposure. Make sure you read about the individual elements – ApertureISO and Shutter Speed

    The Fundamentals of Composition will get you up to speed on how to place elements in shot and make sure you have a quick read of the classic Rule of Thirds.

    What the Controls on Your Camera Mean will show you how to set your camera.

  • 2. Study

    When you're ready to really accelerate your learning, we have several specialist downloadable courses and guides.

    Photo Hacks – Most photography guides will tell you what to do. This one tell you what to AVOID doing.

    Rabari – How an award-winning professional gets the shot (literally every step).

    Behind the Action – Step up the tempo with an action photographer.

  • 3. Share

    We want you to grow with us! Join our community and share your shots for feedback.

    If any any point you're a bit stuck on how to use the forums, just refer to our FAQ or ask other members in the forums!