The Incredible Steampunk Jewelry Photography of Daniel Proulx

When you think of jewelry photography, well let’s face it – not many people get excited about it. I was the same. That is until I came across a photographer and jewelry maker on Flickr named, Daniel Proulx. In addition to be an incredibly talented ‘Steampunk’ jewelry maker who (along with his fiancé) runs a successful jewelry making business, Daniel is also very talented at presenting his product with incredible photographs. Daniel’s pictures combine clever prop selection as well as an incredibly interesting subject (I never thought I would say that about jewelry until I found Steampunk) with all of the other lighting and camera skills you would expect of a jewelry photographer. We think the results speak for themselves. If you'd like to get in contact with Daniel or see some more of his great steampunk jewelry and photography you can find him in these places:

Jewelry Photography Resources

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